FRENCH LOAF Recipe Preparation Method

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FRENCH LOAF Recipe Preparation Method


Ingredients   for French Loaf

Flour                                                                 250gms

Fat                                                                     10gms

Salt                                                                     10gms

Sugar                                                                10gms

Milk powder                                                      10gms

Yeast                                                                  5gms

Water                                                                140ml

Preparation Method for French Loaf

  • Scale the dough into 450gm pieces.
  • Expel the gas and mould Swiss roll fashion.
  • Allow to recover and then mould to the required length (ex) 45cm (18inch)
  • Allow to proof preferably upside down on cloths.
  • Transfer to a wooden slip.
  • With a sharp knife cut up to five long slits on the top and immediately place into an oven full of wet steam at a temperature of 226°C (440°C).
  • After 10 minutes baking remove the steam and finish baking in dry heat for a further 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Notes:  Like Vienna bread this bread should be eaten fresh to be fully appreciated. Even after six hours the crust begins to become leathery and UN appetizing.