FONDANT ICING Recipe Preparation Method

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FONDANT ICING Recipe Preparation Method


Ingredients  for Fondant Icing

  • Sugar                                                                 500gms
  •  Water                                                                150ml
  • Lime juice                                                           5ml

Preparation Method for FONDANT ICING

  • Put sugar and water in a thick bottom pan heat slowly till all the sugar is dissolved if the syrup.
  • Add lime juice is liquid glucose. Dissolved with syrup and steam it.
  • Boil till soft ball consistency is reached (240°F)
  • Cool the syrup slightly on a top and beat it vigorously. Till it becomes white in a color.
  • Store fondant in air-tight container when it is required to use take a desired quantity in a pan and warmer in double boiler or add sugar stock.
  • A smooth paste made from boiled sugar syrup, often colored or flavored, used as a filling for chocolates or a coating for cakes, nuts, or fruit.
  • A candy made from or filled with fondant