DATES & WALNUT BREAD Recipe Preparation Method

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DATES & WALNUT BREAD Recipe Preparation Method


Ingredients   for  DATES & WALNUT BREAD

  • Flour                                200gms
  • Sugar                               150gms
  • Salt                                  a pinch
  • Egg                                  1no
  • Milk                                  50ml
  • Butter                              30gms
  • Baking powder               1/2tsp
  • Soda-bi-carbonate        1/2tsp
  • Walnuts                         50gms
  • Dates                             200gms
  • Boiling water                 15ml

Preparation Method for DATES & WALNUT BREAD

  • Cream chob and soak dates in water boil& soda-bi-carbonate over night.
  • Cream butter & sugar. Beat in egg.
  • Add sieved flour and baking powder alternatively with dates.
  • Add chopped walnuts.

Put the mixture in a well greased bread tin and bake in slow oven 150°C (300°F) fro 2 hours.