DANISH PASTRY Recipe Preparation Method

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DANISH PASTRY Recipe Preparation Method


        Ingredients                                                        quantity

  • Flour                                                                      500g
  • Sugar                                                                    100g
  • Yeast                                                                     15g
  • Egg                                                                        2nos.
  • Salt                                                                         5g
  • Fat                                                                         200g
  • Water                                                                    125ml
  • Milk POW                                                              20g

Preparation Method for Danish Pastry :

  • Prepare dough with yeast, salt ,water, sugar, milk powder, egg , flour and 10g at fat
  • Allow to ferments for about 30 minutes
  • Divide and fold into equal position
  • Roll the dough even the and applied pastry fat.
  • Proceed as for puff pastry.
  • Role the pastry for above 5 minutes thickness and cut shapes like wind, mill, cushions etc.
  •  Bake at 375°F for above 25 to 30 minutes