CREAM HORN Recipe Preparation Method

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CREAM HORN Recipe Preparation Method



Flour                            250gms

Salt                              5 gm

Fat                              150gms

Water                         5ml

Preparation Method for Cream Horn

  • Sieve the flour and add a salt
  • Make a dough with flour salt and water kneed.
  • With log of fat the dough should be smooth and soft rest the dough for 20 minutes egg and divide the fat.
  • Into a equal portions roll out the dough  into a rectangle shape and apply 1/3rd fat. 1 on to 2nd 3 on rest the dough for 20 minutes the fridge  and introduce there remaining fat in similar manner.
  • Give 3 times folding and bind folding by following 20 minutes interval between each turn.
  • You the dough into rectangle shape and not into desire shape because bake 425°F and then at 350°F for above 20 minutes.


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