CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS Recipe Preparation Method

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CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS Recipe Preparation Method


Ingredients   for Chocolate Eclairs

Flour                            100gms

Fat                                50gms

Water                            200ml

Egg                               3no.s

Sugar                            a pinch

Salt                                a pinch

Icing sugar                    100gms

Coco powder                10gms

Preparation method for Chocolate Eclairs

  • Boiled the butter in water add salt and sugar.
  • Keep it in fire add the flour return to flame and cook it till it leaves size of the vessels
  • Allow it cool slackly  and then add eggs little by little filling reaches piping consistency.
  • Dip éclairs and buns on a cream baking sheet.
  • Bake at the temperature about  350° till the structure is set.
  • Basic mixture oven cooked.
  • These éclairs are amazing…everyone in my family loved emu, i just substituted the custard filling with cream filling and it tasted even better
  • Bring to rolling boil water and butter. Take off heat. Add flour and stir with spoon until ball can be formed. Add eggs. Beat like crazy.
  • In sufficiently cooked beaten the mixture oven too cool under baked.


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