CHERRIES KNOBS Recipe Preparation Method

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CHERRIES KNOBS Recipe Preparation Method


Flour                              100gms

Butter                              50gms

Sugar                              25gms

Egg                                  1/2no

Chrrie                              15gms

Limerind                         1/4tsp

Milk                                  1/2tsp

Cashewnuts                  25gms

Cherries Knobs Preparation Method :

  • Sify flour
  • Cream fat and sugar.
  • Beat egg yolk and rind into the fat mixture. Until light and fiuffy.
  • Add milk and flour alternately until dough is soft but not sticky. Knead well.
  • Divide into portions the size of walnuts.
  • Form into balls and dip in slightly beater egg white.
  • Roll in chopped nuts.
  • Press half cherry into centre of each knob.
  •  Put on prepared baking tray and bake at (175°F) for about 20 to25 mintues.