CATS TONGUE Recipe Preparation Method

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CATS TONGUE Recipe Preparation Method


Flour                            200gms

Butter                          200gms

Castor sugar               200gms

Vanilla essence            5ml

Egg white                       6no.s


  • Cream the butter and the castor sugar to a light texture. Lightly whisk the egg whites stir to a light texture lightly whisk the egg whites stir gently into the butter fold in the flour & flavor.
  • Using 1cm piping tube. Pipe little finger shape about 3cm. long to a grazed baking tray 5 cm. apart
  • Bake in the oven at 210°C to a very light color
  • Remove from the tray immediately to avoid over cooking.
  • The doctor will likely take a biopsy from the mass on the cat’s tongue. … The cat will be fed canned or softened food for a couple weeks as it heals. Prognosis.
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