BAKEWELL TARTS Recipe Preparation Method

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BAKEWELL TARTS Recipe Preparation Method


Flour                            100gms

Sugar                           5 gms

FAT                               50g

Egg                                    1no

Vanilla Essence           100gms

Method on how to prepare Bakewell tarts

  • Make a short crust pastry dough as the method. Rest it for 10 Minutes.
  • Line the short crust pastry dough in the flan tin and dock it and apply the jam.
  • Filling-cream fat and sugar and add eggs gradually and finally fold in the cake crumbs and ground nuts.
  • Fill in the frangi pane mixture in the liquid lined flantin and role out of the remaining short crust pastry dough and weave the strips.
  • Finally give the eggs wash and bake at 350°F for 30 minutes.