APPLE TARTS Recipe Preparation Method

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APPLE TARTS Recipe Preparation Method



Flour                            150gms

Fat                                     75gms

Sugar                                30gms

Apple                               1no.s

Cake crumbs                 30gms

Cinnamon powder             1gms

Jam                                   15gms

Egg                                    1 no.s

Method to prepare apple tarts recipe

  • Sieve the flour in rub in fat lightly with the finger tip. Until resembles bread crumbs.

Add sugar mixing in egg and bind into the diugh.

  • Like the flan tin and dock it.
  • Coat with jam and fill in the filling.
  • For filling core and cut apples into crumbs add sultnaas, cinnamon powder, and cake crumbs to observe moisture.
  • Fill pastry three-fourth with apples filling and leave it with trimmings.
  • Bake at 375°F for 15 to 20 minutes