GEORGIA Travel Guide

GEORGIA Travel Guide

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Georgia is a country in Eastern Europe which sets on the coast of Black sea and surrounded by Russia to north and northeast, Azerbaijan to east and southeast. It is divided into three bands from east to west. The country has three ethnic enclaves namely Abkhazia, Ajaria and South Ossetia


  • SAMEBA CATHEDRAL:Sameba cathedral is a medieval structure with modern creation, holy place of Eastern Orthodox Church and also blends a various schools ,house with nine chapels and principal destination
  • SVETITSKHOVELI CATHEDRAL:Svetitskhoveli cathedral is located in the historic town of Mtskheta near Tbilis. It was built in 4th century and considered as the monument for Georgian orthodox church and also UNESCO world heritage site
  • GEORGIA AQUARIUM:The Aquarium is a home to thousands of animals and sea creatures and the well-known largest aquarium in western hemisphere providing fascinating feats. It also features variety of sea life with creatures close enough, exhibitions and events.
  • UPLISTSIKHE CAVE TOWN:Uplistsikhe is an ancient town made of rocks which means the lords fortress built on the bank of Mtkvari River with several structures of town traces. Once it was a significant symbol of Christian culture
  • VARDZIA: It is a cave monastery located in Erusheti Mountain on bank of river Kura which was built in 12th The church Dormition is famous for wall paintings
  • MOUNT KAZBEK :Mount Kazbek is the important peak located in the northern portion with snowy peaks


  • Georgia is a largest producer of pecans,penuts and onions where the state onion is the sweetest onion in the world and also the country is known as the Peach state
  • Wild horses are inhabited in a particular region of nation called Cumberland Island
  • The nation has one kind of tree which grows on its own which is 8 foot radius of land
  • Atlanta is the major capital of the country and it also has four other capitals namely Svannah,Augusta,Louisville and Milledgeville
  • The country is surrounded by states such as Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina Tennessee and Alabama
  • Georgia is well known for the wine producing which last over 8000 years ago and considered the birthplace
  • The Georgians also call their country as Sakartvelo and divide into Kartveli who inhabited into the central region of country and Circumfix which indicated the land of Kartveli
  • It is a Caucasus region of Eurasia which is located at the crossroad of western Asia and eastern Europe
  • The terrain of Georgia is divided into three bands which runs from east to west
  • Most of the land is covered by forest with large mountainous along landscape ranging from subtropical black sea of ice to crest line of Caucasus
  • Most of the population in Georgians belongs to Georgian orthodox, Russian orthodox and Armenian apostolic churches
  • Biggest mural is found in the Cyclorama building of Atlanta which is a home with 385 feet long paintings ranging from civil war battle