Food for Funds! Some food based fundraising ideas for schools

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There are all kinds of fundraising ideas for school and incorporating foods is a great idea. People love good food and will be happy to pay more for some good stuff. Plan a school fundraiser where families can come and have some fun while they eat their favorite delights. Some of the more likely foods to be a hit are as follows.

Barbecue Night

barbecueHaving a barbecue is a great idea for school fundraising. Barbecues are fun and people love to spend time outdoors as the charcoal is slowly preparing their meal. Make sure that you arrange for more than one grill and have different kinds of meats on each one.

Needless to say that marinate the meat well and make sure that you apply some recipes that are known for their tastes. Get someone who is good at barbecuing to make sure that everything falls in place. Keep it all you can eat event but be sure to have a good price tag on the entry of the event. Add sodas as an option if someone wants to get something to drink. This will help you even more with the school fundraising.


cheescakeThere are fewer cakes that go so well with people with a sweet tooth as the cheesecake. People just love the taste and the fluffiness of these cakes. Get this made in bulk on a discounted rate from a bakery or if you or someone at school can make a great cheesecake, do it. You will need loads of it as people just love to eat it.

You can also arrange for tea and coffee as people generally don’t mind a hot beverage along with their cakes. It may not be the best idea to have a lone cheesecake event unless you are offering cakes that can be bought as well apart from being eaten on the spot. Depending on the arrangement, you can set up a pricing mechanism.


burguersWell burgers are the most obvious choice in salty foods. People will have them like crazy. Just get a ton of minced meat and add the flavors to it. Make some nice and juicy patties to go on top of some nice and fluffy buns. You will also need a ton of cheese.

Have a large cooking area as you will be getting many orders at the same time. Have the help ready and have someone efficient at the cash counter as that place will be crowded. This will raise a ton of funds for you school for sure. Placing a burger stall at any event is a good idea.