FINLAND Travel Guide

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FINLAND Travel Guide

Finland is located in the northern Europe and surrounded by Russia to the east, Norway to the west and Sweden to the west. It is the most geographically remote country which is blanketed by thick woodlands and numerous rivers and lakes around and the whole country looks like intricate blue and green jigsaw puzzle


  • FINNISH NATIONAL MUSEUM : It is also known as the national museum of Finland and shows the finish history starting from prehistoric times to present .The museum also displays the major archaeological discoveries, as well as historical, ethnological and numismatic collections for more than 200 years and their history and culture
  • THE SIBELIUS MONUMENT : The monument is located at the Sibelius park and considered as the most popular landmark in Helsinki and it was created in honour of jean Sibelius finish national composer
  • SAVONLINNA :It is a small city which is located in the heart of finish Lakeland which was built in 15th century and also considered the orthodox museum .Savonlinna provincial museum and Kerimaki where the wooden church located
  • TURKU:Turku is located along the southern coast of Finland and served as the capital of the country during 19th century and believed to be the oldest. It is the home for countless historic attractions and cultural landmarks
  • FINNISH LAKELAND: The finish Lakeland is an area where there are abundance of 55,000 lakes around it about 200 meters and the area is spread across central and eastern Finland


  • Finland is also called as the land of midnight sun because in June and July the sun shines all day and night not dropping below the horizon
  • Finland has almost about 187,888 lakes and 179,584 islands within the territory of the country
  • The land of the midnight sun offers the visitors the most stunning scenery, outdoor adventures and with interesting delicious cuisine
  • Sami also called as Lapp where the first inhabitant of the country and the one first to speak Finnish during millennium BC and they move to north into section known as Lapland
  • Southern and western part consist of thousands of islands stretching and coastal plains with several coastal line
  • The country consist of more than 1100 species of plants where flora is rich in southern Finland and Aland island
  • Two third of the land mass is covered by the forest area and in that only 6 percent area is arable
  • It is the only populated country in European union where only 16 inhabitants per kilometres
  • Finnish is the first language of Finland which is an Indo European language belonging to Uralic family with Estonian and Hungarian
  • Helsinki is the capital of the country and lies higher in the north than any other capital city in the world
  • Finland is also known as Suomi and the population are urban one with most of them are Lutheran
  • The flag of Finland is also called as Siniristilippu means blue cross flag