EGYPT Travel Guide

EGYPT Travel Guide

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Egypt Travel Guide

Egypt is a transcontinental country which spans between northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia .Egypt is the most populous country in North Africa and Arab with almost 95 million inhabitants. It is also called as Middle East country and forms land bridge with south west Asia


  • RIVER NILE: The popular way to visit the Upper Egypt is through Nile cruise. The river Nile is about 6670 km in length and longest river in Africa and it creates a fertile green valley across the desert. There are two types of Nile where blue Nile begins at lake Tana Ethiopia and joins white Nile in Sudan and these two make the longest river in the world
  • RED SEA REEF:The red sea holds with crystal blue surface with living creatures, reefs and corals which is located between Asia and Africa. This coral reef is well developed in north and central portions which contain variety of fringing reefs.
  • TEMPLE OF PHILAE:Philae temple is considered as the ancient temple in Egyptian style which is constructed in 690 and considered as the tourist attraction. It is considered as world heritage site and it is relocated from original location to Agilkia
  • SIWA OASIS :The siwa oasis is an oasis in Egypt which lies between Qattara depression and Egyptian sand sea in western desert and it sits about 25m below sea level. The inhabitants of this place are Berber and their mother tongue is Berber called Siwi.


  • Ancient Egyptian pyramids were built as tombs for Pharaohs and pyramid of Khufu at Giza is the largest pyramid which weighs about 16 empire state buildings
  • Egyptian alphabets contains more than 700 hieroglyphs and each of the ancient symbols checks out with awesome hieroglyphics feature and also invented many things like paper,pen,locks which are used nowadays
  • Egypt is divide into two sections known as upper Egypt in the south and lower Egypt in the north
  • Southern Egypt contains mountains and deserts ,where northern Egypt has wide valleys near Nile and to east and west are the deserts
  • Currency of Egypt is Egyptian pound and it is divide into 100 piasters and it is the home for many variety of animals like cheetah,hyenas,crocodiles and cobras
  • Flag of Egypt consist of tricolours such as red, white and black in equal horizontal bands and the same bands are also used in Iraq, Syria and Yemen
  • Egyptian men and women wore makeup and the eye makeup is usually green or black and as a belief of offering protection from sun it is believed makeup as a magical healing, majority of Egypt’s dead were buried in simple pits in the desert
  • Almost 90 percent of the population are Muslims means followers of Islam religion and 10 percent are Copts the oldest branches of Christian religion and 96 percent of population lives in Nile valley comprises about 4 percent of area. Egypt is a republican form of government