Difference Between Snooker vs Pool table

Difference Between Snooker vs Pool table

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Two of the most famous international games that hold their own competition monthly, quarterly or yearly – the snooker and pool. They have differed in the place where it began, but is accepted by different people across the world. However, we will focus on one of the most important in playing – the table.

The snooker table is larger in dimension, but with narrower holes. The sizes available are different in the hosting countries, for America it would be 10 feet, for British 12 feet. The place where the balls are placed on the table is called the foot end of the pool (referred as top). The other end of the pool is called head end, which is marked with the letter D. And a snooker table, whatever the size is, always has a surface ratio of 2:1.

The pool table has a size of 8 feet (regulation games) and 9 feet (tournament games), with bigger holes for the balls, except for the side pockets. There is no confusion where to put the balls in a pool table as it is marked as head and foot. The balls are placed on a dot on the foot spot. The different sizes of the pool table have their own ratio.

Following are key Difference Between Snooker vs Pool table

Snooker Pool Table
Characteristic or Sizes Table is Larger. Used smaller balls, pockets are narrow and pocket lead is curved. Table size is 10ft for American and 12ft for British Tale size is 8ft for regulation and 9ft for tournament
Popularity Popular in Britain, Canada, India, Australia as well as in Europe and Middle East Popular in United States
Markings Table markings is different from pool Table markings is different from snooker