Difference Between Roll Vs Hand Rolls

Difference Between Roll Vs Hand Rolls

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Food conjures diverse cuisines and flavors in the mind. You associate food with consumers in different geographical locations. Hamburger and fries is to Americans what Roll and Hand Roll is to Japanese. If you’re interested in popular Japanese food item you would make time to learn and try out the recipe. Whether you’re making Rolls for family or Hand Roll for individual consumption, the secret lies in getting facts on how to make rolls to serve with Japanese rice dish.

Making Rolls involves using ingredients and toppings, the common one is rice. You’re considering making rolls. “The soul never thinks without a picture,” Aristotle said. Hand Rolls are shaped, small in size and are cut in 6-8 pieces.

Rolls are made by boiling rice containing seafood inside and cut in pieces. This is done towards the end of the cookout and the food is wrapped inside seaweed.

Hand Roll is the process of wrapping shushi for single person serving. You want to whip up a quick meal for your consumption; a hand roll is the best time saver. The name given to this hand roll in Japan is Tamaki.   What is the difference?

  • A roll is in cylinder shape whereas Hand is cone shaped.
  • Roll is smaller in size than hand roll
  • Hand roll serves individual consumer while a roll serves in consumption.