Difference Between PST Vs PDT

Difference Between PST Vs PDT

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You’re accustomed to use such abbreviations as “PDT” for Pacific Daytime in the middle of July and “PST,” for Pacific Standard Time in the middle of December in reference to time when scheduling appointments across continental time zones.

If you live in the East your time zone abbreviation is “EST,” for East Standard Time. These time zones are determined by the period of sunlight in different places. You could have darkness and sunlight at irregular hours of the day in different parts of the world.

You live along the equator; diverse weather conditions do not affect your lifestyle as much as it does residents in the tropics. You miss summer sunshine the moment winter begins to bite in the topics. If you have a choice you would relocate from the tropic to enjoy unlimited sunlight and escape frost bite in winter in such places as Antarctica.

Change of weather pattern also affects time schedule in the tropics. Those living along the equator have no time variation winter or summer periods. You wake up same time every day and the sun is showering the earth with light. You go to sleep when darkness steals its way same time daily.