Difference Between ppt vs pptx in microsoft powerpoint

Difference Between ppt vs pptx in microsoft powerpoint

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You want to create your own presentation materials, but lack technical skills and expertise. Take courage. The experts have taken all the back breaking, time consuming work out of your hands to come up with tailor made computer packages to suit your needs.

PowerPoint is one of Microsoft Office packages which allows you make quality presentation materials stand out using slides show.

Whether you’re matching numbers on a single slide, stitching the speech together to bring it to satisfying close, PowerPoint provides all you need to deliver your message using the ppt or pptx formats.

The difference in these configurations is in the standard for Office 2008 for Mac and Office 2007 for Windows. The two formats represent the old and new PowerPoint programs.

The pptx files allow you to use Ms Office Open format which can be read by other programs such as OpenOffice.org. The new pptx version has additional features which allow you to save work in the old PowerPoint program style. The two main differences between ppt and pptx are:

  • ppt is the old default file extension version for PowerPoint 2003
  • pptx is the default extension for saving files in 2007 and new editions.