Difference Between Patients Vs Patient

Difference Between Patients Vs Patient

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Patients are to doctors what mechanics are to car manufacturers and owners. A red face is most likely due to exposure to sun and wind from an outdoor occupation, activity or sun burn. A blemished red skin is an indication of alcohol abuse. These signs and symptoms of ill health reflect the human condition referred as patients.

The doctor recommended tests for the patient. This statement expresses concern of the doctor to relieve the sick person of ill health.

Patience is one’s ability to be tolerant. This word describes human quality to endure pressure of sickness, harsh words by one aggrieved person.   Patience is a virtue. You cannot purchase patience off the counter in a drug store as medicine.

Most mothers are patient with their toddlers, signify degree of tolerance.

Although the meanings of these two words differ, the root and pronunciation are the same.

The main distinction in the two words revolves around the letter‘s’. The word patient denoting human trait has no‘s’. Patients – the human condition of ill health requiring is spelt with letter s. The two words are used interchangeably to mean a single sick person – patient or the human trait to forebear.