Difference Between Osteoporosis Vs Osteomalacia

Difference Between Osteoporosis Vs Osteomalacia

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Human beings physical fitness depends on the strength of bones in the body for support. Osteoporosis and Osteomalacia are two physical conditions attributed to human bone weakness.

Dave was diagnosed with bone marrow deficiency at the age of thirty. He had to find out if the bone marrow deficiency is hereditary or caused by sickness because thirty years is young to start having old age bone marrow problems. Bones are maintained by calcium produced in proper portions in the body.

You’re in the best form at 25-30 year age bracket, so is your bone structure. Deposit of calcium is the main cause of bone marrow deficiency leading to Osteoporosis. This condition is sped up by over indulgence in smoking, drinking, not eating well balanced diet to maintain the body hence low weight.

When your body produces the right portions of minerals, the bones are strengthened. How do you detect the two physical conditions Osteoporosis and Osteomalacia resulting from less or more production of calcium responsible for bone diseases? Osteopenia is caused by less mineral intake responsible for common fractures. It causes bleeding of the bones. Having enough calcium in the bones is not enough. The matrix must also be strong to avoid Osteomalacia condition.