Difference Between Cesspool vs Septic tank

Difference Between Cesspool vs Septic tank

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The human waste disposal system has been developed in order to provide a sanitary way of disposing unwanted excreta properly without harming the planet. All infrastructures, with no exception, are required to have at least one of these disposal systems and should comply with the regulations and standards.

A Septic Tank has long been used in houses as the drainage of excreta. Usually it is in a box form, buried under the ground. It should have a pipe from the house and another pipe as a drainage. All the waste products will settle at the bottom of the septic tank. It is watertight and can be made from concrete (precast or blocks) or reinforced fiberglass. There are different kinds of septic tank, one is septic tank with baffle. The baffle acts as another filter, so that only water will come out of the drain.

A Cesspool are two pits positioned in a way that they will not be very far nor too near from each other. They are also called leaching pools, the first pool serves as the first collector, the second as the dry well and collects any overflow from the first pit. The first pit is made of concrete on all sides, but the overflow pit has a free bottom.

Following are key Difference Between Cesspool vs Septic tank

  Cesspool Septic Tank
Annotation Are pits or underground container for temporary storage of liquid waste A tank in which waste matter is decomposed through bacterial action
Maintenance Frequent intervals ranging from few months, it really requires maintenance Three to four years
Treatment Do not treat waste water Have sewage treatment options
Disposal Not so advisable or not a good option for sewage disposal Better option for sewage disposal