DENMARK Travel Guide

DENMARK Travel Guide

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DENMARK travel guide

Denmark is officially called as kingdom of Denmark which is a Nordic country. Compared to Scandinavian countries it is considered as the smallest one which has about 5.5million inhabitants. It is located on the peninsula of Jutland surrounded by number of islands


  • NATIOANAL GALLERY : The national gallery of Denmark has the largest collections of Danish art and covers more than 700years of European and Scandinavian arts, the museum also displays paintings of Dutch Masters, Picasso, and Edvard Munch
  • ORESUND BRIDGE:This magnificent 8km long structure crosses the Oresund strait between Copenhagen and Malmo. It is used partly as bridge and partly as tunnel which allows about 17,000 vehicles and used as gateway to Sweden.
  • COPENHAGEN ZOO:Copenhagen zoo has a wild experience with 3000 animals by totally forming about 264 existing species and offers tropical feel.Animals likeSnakes, crocodiles, marmosets, hornbills, dwarf deer etc can be seen in close experience
  • ARHUS: Arhus is considered as the second populated city which is located at the geographical canter of country along eastern coastline of Jutland peninsula. Churches in Arhus are about 1000 years old and where largest festival of Scandinavia takes place every year in this place
  • FREDERIKSBERG : It is the smallest town but considered as popular shopping destination spot of Denmark consisting of countless shopping malls and biggest universities like Copenhagen Business School, University Of Copenhagen Faculty Of Life Sciences, Frederiksberg Palace and treated as an independent town


  • Denmark is also referred as Land of Danes and the name of the kingdom coms from 900 A.D from the England translation of Orosius geography
  • The country is an archipelago where it is made up of over 100 islands and in that some of that are not inhabited
  • The kingdom of Denmark is comprised of two autonomous constituent countries and about 65 percent of country is farmland,11 percent is woodland and the rest of the country is of roads and lakes
  • The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen which is about 1.2 million inhabitants and the total population of entire country is 5.3 million which is about 120 people per square kilometre
  • Danish is the official language of the country and apart from that English ,German ,Swedish and Norwegian are also spoken
  • About 85 percent of the country belongs to evangelical Lutheran church and the remaining population belongs to Jewish, catholic and Islamic
  • The Denmark flag is also called as flag of the Danes and the red flag with white cross is known as the Danish cloth or dannebrog
  • Denmark is known for its tourist attraction mainly because of many monuments and long history, where Copenhagen is the best place to give an good impression of Danish culture
  • Danish is the official language of the country and apart from this neighbour countries Sweden and Norway also have languages similar to it
  • Currency of Denmark is Danish kroner DKK which is related to euro