CYPRUS Travel Guide

CYPRUS Travel Guide

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Cyprus is an island in Mediterranean Sea dividing into six administrative regions and each named for administrative capital. The country is separated into Greek southern side and Turkish northern side and famous for warm weather and scenic beaches.


  • PAPHOS:It is the culture capital of Cyprus with rich cultural heritage and architectural landscapes and the main attractions are Tombs of kings, Adonis baths waterfalls and Kato Paphos archaeological park.
  • LARNACA:Larnaca is the oldest city on the island and along the seaside stretch it provides a picturesque stroll. The streets behind the Larnaca lake gives a scenic beauty with numerous flamingos adding a stunning landscapes
  • AKAMAS PENINSULA:The western tip of the country is known as the Akamas peninsula and it’s the least inhabited portion with best place for mountings biking, spotting wildlife like sea turtles, reptiles etc. It also features former mosque and church are constructed in 16th century
  • NICOSIA:Nicosia is the capital city and is divided between Turkish controlled northern part and Greek republic to south. It is featured with dozens of museums namely Cyprus museum, Byzantine museum, Ledra Observatory etc. It is also named as the green line because of island dividing.
  • KYRENIA : Kyrena is on the northern section of the island acting as a harbour town with stunning backdrop made of Pentadaktylos mountains and the architecture is done more than 1300 years old including museums of decorative arts, Byzantine castle and Shipwreck museum


  • Cyprus is an island country which is located in the eastern part of Mediterranean Sea and also it includes Syria, Lebanon and Israel which is officially known as the Republic of Cyprus
  • The country is divided into two regions such as north and south where north is known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus where Cypriot Turks live under Turkish section and the southern is known as the Independent Republic of Cyprus or Greek Cyprus where Cypriots live under Greek section
  • Many oldest water wells are found in the country
  • Main highlight is that Aphrodite who is the Greek goddess of love was born in this country and also called as the playground of the gods
  • The shape of the country looks like a Cigar pipe
  • Nicosia is the capital of the country and it is divided by a green line which is known as the UN buffer zone and it’s the only nation which divides between two nations
  • The country’s richest source copper is exported all over the world and have become the wealthiest nation
  • The country is surrounded by Turkey to south, Syria to west, Israel to northwest, Egypt to north and Greece to east
  • Greek and Turkish are the two official languages of the country and Euro is the currency
  • The alternate names of the nation are Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot and the island appears yellow in summer period and green in winter period