CREAM BUN Recipe Preparation Method

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CREAM BUN Recipe Preparation Method



  • Flour                            100gms
  • Fat                                50gms
  • Water                            200ml
  • Egg                               3no.s
  • Sugar                            a pinch
  • Salt                               a pinch
  • Icing sugar                   100gms
  • Coco powder               10gms
  • Fresh cream                 200ml

Preparation Method for cream bun :

  • Starin for the choux pastry to a savoy bag with a large star tube.
  • Fire rasin on bulbs, on to the greased bottom.
  • Place on the cream bun fold
  • And bake in an oven at 232°F (450°F) for approximately 25 minutes.
  • Remove from the oven & allow the cream bun to get quite cold.
  • Furnish by splitting them open, filling with fresh cream & dusting the top with icing sugar.
  • In sufficiently cooked beaten the mixture oven too cool under baked.


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