COLOMBIA Travel Guide

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COLOMBIA Travel Guide

Colombia is named as gateway to South America because the north-western part of the continent connects with central and North America and it’s the fifth largest country in Latin America which also shares the border with Panama to northwest, Venezuela to east and Ecuador to south


  • VALLE DE COCORA: Colombia is well known for the wax palm and the Valle De Cocora is the best place to spot these trees with stunning lush green environments. The landscape itself is the main attraction at Valle de Cocora and the tremendous height of the wax palms growing upright on the hills of the valley
  • POPAYAN :It is considered as the impressive colonial city located in south western Colombia and also called as Ciudad Blanca because of its chalk white buildings and also famous for Monday Thursday procession and night life
  • SAN ANDRES Y PROVIDENCIA :San Andres and Providencia are two separate islands located closer to Nicargua where San Andres is the largest and the also the capital and Providencia island was initially settled by English puritans .White sand beaches and palm trees are the best features and the Caribbean are coloured of seven shades of blue and rich marine life
  • SAN AGUSTIN :San Agustin is a small town surrounded by landscapes and historic civilizations and most of the stone carvings were created between 100 AD and 1200 AD such as human figures,monsters,birds ,pre Incan culture, snakes,animals etc


  • Colombia is located in the northern tip of south America and it is full of lush rainforests, mountains and coffee plantation
  • The country is bordered by neighbouring countries namely Brazil,Ecuador,Panama,Peru and Venezuela
  • According tocountries landscapes the Colombia’s people are varied into three ethnic groups such as Indians, European settlers and African people brought to Colombia as slaves
  • The country is rich in cultural mix like country’s food,music,dance and art diverse in an unique way
  • Bogota is one of the highest city in the world which is located at an feet of 8,360 feet above the sea level which is well known for the tech advances
  • It is the only country in South America that has coastline on both pacific ocean and Caribbean sea with unique animals like Amazon river dolphin which is pink in colour
  • The country is featured with tropical beaches in north and west, deserts in north and grassland called Los Lianos in the east
  • Medellin is the second largest city of the country and also considered the murder capital of the world where 17 murders happens every day
  • Country’s entire southern half the region is taken up by dense forest filled up with Colombia’s amazon basin and in the northern portion is the warm, wet jungle called Chocos
  • The ethnic group of the country are Mestizo and White and the flag of the country is featured with horizontal stripes of yellow, blue and red