BRUNEI Travel Guide

BRUNEI Travel Guide

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Brunei is a sovereign country in north coast island of Borneo and the remaining of the territory is divided between Malaysia and Indonesia. The country is officially an Islamic state with beautiful mosques and rich in oil bordering South China Sea and best place to explore


  • ANDULAU FOREST RESERVE: Andulau forest is fully covered up with waxy palms and ancient teak trees which is located in the mid of Brunei towards the east from the capital city. The reserve is mainly famous for evergreen woods with the interior area surrounded by muddy rivers, waterfalls and wildlife
  • MUARA:The Muara which is located in the South China Sea is of a needle shaped land making the western portion of the country a famous one. It is home to golden sand with picnic spots fully surrounded with lawns, beach making an amazing spot
  • ROYAL REGALIA MUSEUM:The Royal Museum is located to the downtown area and amazing fact is that with impressive buildings of outside portion matches with the impressive exhibits of inside areas. It also exhibits things like coronation ceremonies and other important events
  • ULU TEMBURONG NATIONAL PARK:The National Park which is considered the Green Jewel of the nation is located in the eastern exclave of Brunei giving attractive features of wildlife and safari lovers experiencing a rope bridges in canopies. The total area of the national park is 550 square kilometres with exotic animals like hornbills and gibbons


  • The most beautiful mosque of Brunei is Omar Ali Saifuddien is located in the Bandar Seri Begawan which is the worship place for Muslim community considering the major historical site. It’s the famous attracting tourist spot in the Asia Pacific
  • The residents in Brunei are called as Bruneians where Istana Nurul Iman is the official place to Sultan of Brunei and seat of the country government and half the population belongs to Norfolk
  • The official residence is located to the south of Brunei’s capital city with riverside sprawl on the banks of river and the place is known for the royal hospitality
  • Bandar Seri Begawan which is also called as Brunei town is the capital of the country and it is located along the Brunei river with an inlet to the South China Sea on the northern part
  • The country is featured with different species of plants like orchid,palms,bamboo and also the Belalong tree frog is only found in Brunei
  • The national flag of Brunei is a tricolour with yellow background with two diagonal black and white stripe on the centre portion with a central shield at the middle and the yellow represents the sultan of Brunei
  • The most observant Islamic nation of southeast Asia is Brunei with mind blowing mosques
  • The major religion is Islam along with Muslim, Buddhist and Christian are the religions followed in the country
  • Malay the official language and it is differed from the Malay spoken in Malaysia