10 Best Lakes in the World

10 Best Lakes in the World

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Natural beauty is by far worth-watching and much mesmerizing as compared to man-made spots. Out of all the natural beauties that we are blessed with, lakes are one of the most silent places that can be visited at any hour of the day and that also in any season. Normally, people surf the internet to find about the worth-watching places. For some, holidays are to be enjoyed within their own country, but for others, it is an international affair that includes travelling to distant cities, countries and their world famous tourist spots.

If you are obsessed with travelling and, resting in the lap of Mother Nature is your favorite vacation idea, then visiting a lake can be the best option to go with. Around the globe, there are millions of lakes. All of these have their own story behind their evolution. For your assistance, we have listed the world’s top 10 best lakes that you should watch. Their names are as follows –

10. Melissani Lake (Melissani Cave) – Island of Kefalonia, Northwest of Sami


Melissani Lake is close to the Melissani Cave, which is also known as the cave of the nymphs. The lake surrounds this cave and some part of lake is inside the cave as well. This lake is 500m from the sea and the water height is just a meter high from the sea level. Melissani Lake is filled with sky-blue water that is a mixture of sea water and sweet water. It is covered with stones at the bottom and has forests all around. Melissane Cave is a famous tourist place and when you visit it, Melissani Lake acts as an icing on the cake.

9. Tranquil Lake


Tranquil Lake is a beautiful lake situated in Signy Island in South Orkney Islands. It is fed by melt water that gathers from a nearby ice cover that lies between Amos Lake and Snow Hills. This particular lake was named so due to its sheltered position. To enjoy its beauty, pack your bags and leave for this beautiful lake today.

8. Sampaloc Lake – Island of Luzon, the Philippines


Lake Sampaloc is the largest amongst the Seven Lakes of San Pablo, Laguna and is just an inactive maar of volcanic eruptions on the island of Luzon. There’s a story that the natives dictate about the origin of this lake. As it is too old and made out of natural occurring, it is a must watch lake of Philippines.

7. Moraine Lake


Moraine Lake is in Canada and is one of the world’s most beautiful glacier fed natural lake. It can be spotted in Banff National Park that is 14 Km away from Lake Louise village of Alberta. This lake is blue in color, is at an elevation of 6,183 feet and has total surface area of 0.5 square kilometer. As it is glacially fed, it doesn’t reach its crest until mid or late June.

6. Lake Reflection – Mt. Rainier


Normally, it is seen that lakes and mountains go hand in hand. The same is true with Lake Reflection. It is situated at Mount Rainer and is the evergreen source of inspiration and motivation for worldwide photographers. People visiting this wonderful lake cannot resist themselves from visiting it over and over again. You all should once plan a holiday with your friends and family to visit Lake Reflection.

5. Lake Ohrid – Southwestern Macedonia & Eastern Albania


Lake Ohrid lies between Southwestern Macedonia and Easter Albania. It is one of the oldest and the deepest lakes of Europe that preserves 200 endemic species of world level importance. It was titled as World Heritage site in 1979. The acknowledgement was given by UNESCO.

4. Lake Ashi – Honshū, Japan


Lake Ashi is situated in the Hakone area of Japan. It is the famous for several hot springs and breath grabbing views of Mt. Fuji. Boating on this wonderful lake is the moment that one should never miss in his or her life.

3. Lake Peyto – Canadian Rockies


The name signifies is all that Lake Peyto is situated in Canada’s Canadian Rockies. It is again a glacier fed lake that can be spotted in Banff National Park of Alberta. It is named so because of the name of an early trail trapper and guide named Bill Peyto. During the summer, when the glaciers melt, rock flours flows into this lake and these rocks give this lake a beautiful turquoise color.

2. Plitvice Lakes


Plitvice Lakes are situated in Plitvice Lakes National Park. These are total 16 lakes and collectively, they cover the total area of 2 sq. km. These lakes are adjacent to each other and are separated by natural dams formed by bacteria, algae and moss. These lakes have beautiful colors ranging from azure to green, blue or gray. Their colors keep on changing on the basis of the angle of the sunlight and organisms, minerals in the water.

1. Dal Lake, Kashmir


Dal Lake is the most beautiful lake of the world. It is situated in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. This lake is also an important hub for tourism and water plant harvesting. The entire shore line of the lake is 15.5 Km approximately and it is surrounded by beautiful hotels, parks and gardens from all around. The best time to visit this lake is from May to August because at that time, it is summer season in India. During the other months of the year, the lake remains frozen.