Ban Tiv

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Ban Tiv Recipe Preparation Method

Ban Tiv


  • Maida :1/2 kg
  • Sugar :80 grams
  • Baking powder :1 table spoon
  • White sesame : 100 grams
  • Sun flower oil :3/4 liter
Preparation Procedure: 

  1. Mix baking powder with maida and filter 2 times. Grind sugar in mixy.
  2. Knead the flour to make poori and wait for 1 hour to fermentation.
  3. Make balls out of it to.
  4. Roll it out into small circles( add flour only it became sticky)
  5. Spread the roll on sesame two sides of the pappad.
  6. Mean time heat oil in pan and Now drop the pappad into the oil.
  7. It will puff up like poori. Turn it evenly, take it out once it boiled, do the same for remaining rolled balls.