BAHAMAS Travel Guide

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BAHAMAS Travel Guide

Bahamas is located in Atlantic Ocean and it is a coral based archipelago and officially known as common wealth of Bahamas. The word Bahamas comes from Spanish origin which means shallow water and the country has 700 islands, cays and islets.Junkanoo is the biggest event of the country which is held on Boxing Day and New Year


  • CABBAGE BEACH:Cabbage beach is the best beach of the country which stretches along 2 miles and turns an ideal destination for sunbathers and sand castle builders with clean and warm waters. The beach is also filled with tropical trees
  • CABLE BEACH :The name for cable beach comes from the submarine telegraph and gives a classic beach effects with its soft, white and turquoise waters
  • LUCAYAN NATIONAL PARK:Lucayan national park name comes from the original inhabitants of the Bahamas and it has the longest underwater cave system. The park is filled with white beaches, palm trees along with gold rock creek and limestone caves
  • PARADISE ISLAND OUTDOOR AQUARIUM:This outdoor aquarium is the Atlantic resort in Paradise Islandwith 200 marine species like sharks, jelly fishes and lobsters. It is one of the attractive spots with different marine animals
  • NASSAU STRAW MARKET :After the decline of sponging industry the straw market begins with braiding and weaving of palm trees and sisal plants into baskets and fishing traps along with wooden carvings, colourful fabrics and other souvenirs


  • Mount Alvernia is the highest peak of the country which is at a height of 63 metres in altitude
  • Bahamas is officially known as the Common wealth of the Bahamas and it is an island country and by 1718 it has become the British crown colony
  • Nassau the capital of the country is located on the new providence island which is at the centre of the island
  • The word Bahamas comes from the Spanish bar which means shallow sea and the country has 700 islands which stretches over an area of 258,998 square kilometre in western Atlantic ocean
  • There are several magnificent underwater cave system in the country
  • During the glacial period the sea is 250 feet low than the present level and during the acid rain it leads to formation of vertical and horizontal caves
  • The Lucayan Indians are the inhabitants of the country and they originated between 900 10 1500 A.D
  • The national flag consists of three horizontal bands of aquamarine, yellow and aquamarine with black triangle situated at the hoist
  • The official language of the country is Bahamian Creole which is an English based creole and they are mainly spoken and Bahamianese is spoken by white and black Bahamians with slight forms
  • Nassau is the capital of the country and also known as Charles Towne
  • The main political party of the country are the free national movement and progressive liberal party