AUSTRIA Travel Guide

AUSTRIA Travel Guide

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AUSTRIA Travel Guide

Austria which covers an area of 83,858 square kilometres is located in central Europe and also the most heavily wooded country with deciduous and conifer trees. The country is well known for its scenic beauty as it is for its cultural activities and also popular for summer tourists who visits historic cities and villages


  • HOCHOSTERWITZ CASTLE: This castle is designedas an inspiration of sleeping beauty castle with 14 gates and each gate is designed to protect the castle and inside portion is designed using marble and abundance of sculptures
  • VIENNA STATE OPERA :Inner city of Vienna is the ring road with numerous landmarks and one of this was Vienna state opera house which was constructed in 19th century in Renaissance style with marble staircase and painted ceilings and after the world war the structure was rebuilt to original style
  • BAD GASTEIN :Bad Gastein is well known for its Belle époque buildings which is surrounded by mountains about 1000 meters above sea level and visitors flock to this place to breathe pure mountain air
  • MIRABELL PALACE :The mirabell palace is also known as schloss mirabell and this structure was built in 16th century by prince archbishop with beautiful interior done with marble, stuccos and enormous frescoes on walls along impressive sculpture collections in garden
  • ZELL AM SEE:It is located in the state of Salzburg and well known destination spot with mountains and lakes governed by French troops in 19th


  • Austria is officially known as the Republic of Austria and it is a large mountainous landlocked country in east central Europe
  • The country is bordered by countries namely Czech to north, Germany to northwest, Hungary to east, Italy to southwest,Slovakia,Slovenia to south and Switzerland to west
  • The entire country covers an area of 83,871 square kilometres and Austrian Alps is the physical backbone of the country and it is subdivided into northern and southern limestone range with each composed of rugged mountains
  • The different climatic zones are characterized by wooden slopes of Alps and small portions of south eastern plain of Europe
  • The flag of Austria is the oldest one and it consist of three horizontal strips of equal width where middle one is white and the other two are red
  • Two third of the entire population of the country is covered by woods and meadows and the forest occupies nearly two fifth of the region which is considered the densely populated forest area in central Europe
  • Euro is the currency of the country and it has become the currency on January in 2002 and one Euro is made of 100 cents
  • Croatian, Slovenian and Hungarian are the official languages of autonomous population groups and German is the official language of the country
  • The currency includes one cent, two cents, five cents, fifty cents and notes ,they uses the full range of coins
  • The currency is also shared by European countries like Belgium,Spain,Portugal,Finland,Cyprus etc


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