ARMENIA Travel Guide

ARMENIA Travel Guide

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Armenia is an ancient landlocked country over 3000 years old situated at the crossroad of Europe and Asia. It is bordered by Turkey to west, Georgia to north, Iran to south and five percent of the country consists of lakes and the mountain valleys create a great microclimate with scenery ranging from lush forest to mountain ridge. The country is featured by incredible fortress, natural scenery and highlands surrounding mountains


  • LESSER CAUCASUS MOUNTAINS : The Caucasus mountains is topped with snow and array of trails with ancient monasteries, stunning views and Armenian village sprinkle the villages
  • ECHMIADZIN:The Echmiadzin is located in the Yerevan and the first country in the world with adopted Christianity and cathedral built to commemorate this. It is the religious centre of all Armenians
  • GARNI :The village of Garni is naturally defended by Azat river and houses with popular attractions and the Hellenistic temple reminds the roman styled structures surrounded by mosaics with stunning appearance
  • LAKE SEVAN:Lake Sevan is the popular destination in both local and tourist time and the highest lake in the world with 1900m where it looks like azure water touch’s the sky. It is also called as the pearl of Armenian nature and known for fish ishxan at local café
  • KARAKUNJ OBSERVATORY : It is known as the Stonehenge of Armenia placed with magical mountains about 3500 years old, it is the first man made structure used for astronomical purposes


  • Armenia is a small mountainous country, which is located in the south Caucasus and the neighbour border countries are Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia.
  • The Armenia got independence in 1991, and before that the Armenians lived under the rule of Ottoman and Russian Country Rule, and it is also the part of Soviet Union.
  • The total population of Armenia’s were more than 10 million around the world. Among that 7 million were from different corners.
  • Because of different historical background, the Armenians lived in every Continent and Country.
  • In Armenia, the Christian culture was adopted in the period of 301, and it is the first Christian Country in the world.
  • The Majority of the population in Armenia are Armenians, and the remaining are Russians, Yazidi Community, Georgians, Greeks and Assyrians.
  • Among the six Ancient countries, Armenia also of one them.
  • “Duduk” the Armenia’s most traditional and famous instrument, which is made up of apricot tree wood.
  • The Armenia national flag consists of three horizontal bands of equal width, which is red, blue and orange. The red which is located in the top, blue in the middle and last as orange.
  • Armenia Dram is the Currency of Armenia and the culture name as Armenian.
  • The Armenian Republic Consists of 37 Administrative regions, 27 towns and it has government institutions and own Constitutions.
  • The First Armenian Alphabet was created in the period of 405 to 406 AD, which is by a Scholar and Mesrop Mashtots.