ARGENTINA Travel Guide

ARGENTINA Travel Guide

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ARGENTINA Travel Guide

Argentina covers almost most of the southern portion of the continent in south America and the country is divided into twenty three provinces and one autonomous portion. Argentina encompasses of plains, deserts, tundra, rivers and mountains


  • CORDOBA ,ARGENTINA : Cordoba is the second largest city in the country and it is surrounded by valleys and mountains .Mainly it is famous for its Spanish colonial buildings ,churches and monuments found in the centre of the city and hometown for 200,00 students with lively atmosphere
  • IGUAZU FALLS:This stunning falls lies along Argentina’s border with brazil and it is treated as UNESCO world heritage site with spectacular sights. It is made of between 150 to 300 individual falls along 3 kilometre edge and it changes depending upon the season
  • TALAMPAYA NATIONAL PARK:Talampaya national park is the largestpark which preserves some of the country’s most precious archaeological and paleontological sites. About 250 years ago dinosaurs roamed in this region and the rich red of the gorge, the unusually shaped rocks and the magnificent scenery are enough reason for the visitors to visit this places in Argentina
  • QUEBRADA DE HUMAHUACA:This place is located between Andes and fertiles valles and also gives a desert like atmosphere defined by cacti, lamas, mountains and colourful sandstone havingspectacular scenery
  • EL CHALTEN : It is considered as one of the trekking capital of Argentina and treated as worlds famous mountains, glaciers and lakes


  • The name Argentina derives from the Latin word which means land of silver and the European settler believed that the country was full of silver and in Spanish it means Plata
  • The Argentina lake duck is the longest bird of other countries as it is measured about 3feet which is nearly as long as bird body
  • Spanish is the official language of Argentines and even there are other second languages included which are English,Italian,German and Yiddish
  • Flag of Argentina is a triband which is composed of three horizontal bands which are light blue and white
  • One of the best known culture of Argentina is the Latin dance known as tango ,this dance was originated in Buenos Aires in late 1800s which also combines African rhythms with milonga music
  • National drink of Argentina is mate tea which is made of young leaves of terba mate and it is sipped through a metal straw called bombilla
  • In south America Argentina is one of the top tourist spot and Buenos Aires is the most visited continents
  • Argentina country is an highly urbanised one where 92 percent lives in cities and 13 million people lives in metropolitan area and it is the world’s largest urban areas
  • Palaeontologists prime destination is Argentina and where the oldest species known as dinosaur have been origined and also earliest plants are also discovered in this country
  • Top most worlds scenic wonders include Iguazu falls located in Argentina in border of brazil which forms a semicircle of 1.9miles and about 262 feet high


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