Almond Paste Recipe Preparation Method

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Almond Paste Recipe Preparation Method

Almond Paste

Almond Paste recipe is prepared with only 5 ingredients in 7 simple steps .

              Ingredients                                                        quantity

  • Granulated Sugar                                             450gms
  • Almonds                                                              350gms
  • Egg whites                                                          2nos.
  • Water                                                                   150ml
  • Cream of tartar                                                 a pinch

Steps on how to prepare Almond Paste Recipe :

  • Put the sugar and water into a large pan over a very low heat stir with the metal spoon until all the sugar as dissolve.
  • When the sugar as completely dissolves add the cream of barter and bringing the syrup to boil. Boil rapidly without stirring until it reaches soft ball. Stage (240°F or 160°C) for the sugar thermometer.
  • Stop the boiling process quickly by plugging the base of the sauce pan into a basin of cold water stir in the ground almond.
  • Stir the egg white return a pan to low heat and stir until the mixture thickness slightly.
  • Turn the mixture out of your marble salt work surface or wooden board slightly sprinkle with Icing sugar to preventing sticking to the work surface.
  • When it gets cool enough kneaded with your hands it will take up to off its weight in icing sugar. The finished paste should feel dry to the touch be careful not to had too much sugar at a time, are the mixture will become too dry will crumble when rolled out or work. Then more sugar you add the order you will have to work to disperse the oils produce by the almond.
  • Store the cooked almond paste the air tight or thick polythene bag.