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Afghanistan is also called as Islamic republic of Afghanistan and it is located within South Asia and Central Asia .The country has almost 35 million populations which makes the 42nd populous country. The country is bordered by Pakistan in south and east, Iran in the west and TurkmenistanUzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north

Places to visit:

  • KANDAHAR:Kandahar sits as a main link at the crossroad so that southern Afghanistan meets the mountains of the country. At present the place is filled with mosques, shrines and also at the edge of the city located the Mughal invader Babur in chilzina view
  • BALKH:It is also called as The Mother of Cities which is located in northern Afghanistan and considered as the oldest city in the world. The city include ancient Buddhist constructions and old Asian cultures and also the green mosque which added as an world monumental cultural site
  • KABUL:Kabul is the capital of the country and the largest city which exist more than 3,500 years. Attractive tourist spots of the places are Abdul Rahman mosque, afghan national museum ,gardens of Babur and recent is rahman mosque which is constructed in Islamic architectural style with 14 domes and 2 minarets
  • KABUL MUSEUM : It is considered as the valuable record of central Asia and also called as Afghanistan national museum, consist of rare collections of central asia,manuscripts,miniatures,weapons etc which belong to royal families are kept here and it was built in 1920


  • Afghanistan country is famous for a rich vibrant stone which is called lapis lazuli and it is used to beautify the tomb of Egyptian king
  • Afghanistan usually celebrates the new year on 21st march which is the first day of spring
  • This country has two capital first was Kandahar and later Kabul became the capital
  • Flag of the country has three stripes of colours namely black, red and green and with the centre emblem of mosque facing mecca and the country had changed the flag colours 7 times and many of these were used only for few months
  • Ahmad shah Durrani was the person who found the modern state Afghanistan and later it was named as Islamic state of Afghanistan and 99 percent of the country inhabitants are Muslims and the rests are Hindu, Sikhs and Jews
  • Afghanistan acts as a link which connects the central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan by famous mountain range which is about 18,000 feet
  • Official language of the country is Pashtu, Uzbek and Turkmen and 30 around minor languages are also spoken ,Afghanistan Afghani is the currency used
  • Special part of the country culture is that poetry and where afghans convey their stories in poetry over 1000 years
  • Goat grabbing or buzkashi is the national sport of the country and it is considered as the wildest game in the world
  • The country makes a landlocked nation without no water boundaries by sharing the borders with nations like Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, China, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan


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