Top 10 Dogs based on Intelligence

Top 10 Dogs based on Intelligence

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Like any human beings, Dogs intellect comes in various kinds. Others believe that the mental capacity of dogs relies on how well the owners trained it. Some say it’s all about genealogy. Even though the determined owners can develop the excellence in each breed, there are facts when it comes to your canine’s natural qualities. Those dogs who were trained for jobs that demands for intelligence, concentration and decision making, such as looking after livestock, requires brain exercises. This fact is also exactly the same for dogs that needed daily body exercise in able for them to run around all day. Interactive dog toys and obedience training are always a superb way to provide your dog a brain exercise. These kind of training are ideal for dogs that participates in sports and career, such as search and rescue or agility.But also remember that these clever dogs aren’t usually ideal as house pets. It will learn quickly, if it’s bred to retrieve or hunt. It will more likely to be eager to move or to work or to please you. But if it’s train to guard a livestock or if it is trained as a scent hound, it may seem to be a bit dense and distracted. It’s the owner’s responsibility to discover what breed suits your lifestyle and make it a goal to bring out the best in your pet dog. The secret is to understand what your canine is built for and how to encourage him.

10. Border Collie

10-Border Collie

The Border Collie is often seen as a herding dog and also a sporting dog. This breed is a top ranking sheepherder, very workaholic, and sharp instinct, valued for its intelligence and working capacity. Border Collies are commonly regarded to be one of the most trainable and brilliant dog breeds. They require loads of training and exercise, even though they are delightful companions. They would not like to just lie around the house because they literally live to work. Border Collies is popular for its obedience, speed and agility. They are fast learner, able to learn new tricks quickly. This is why Collies are also great for sport competitions.

9. Poodle


When you think of a Poodle, only one comes to mind. A dog version of those pretty models in the magazine. All about beauty and style. But don’t let the fuzzy, wavy, white fur deceive you. It is really shocking to realize that Poodles are absolutely brilliant and active. They are used as hound dogs, rescue dogs and even watchdogs. Toy poodles can even be handy in hunting birds, and those miniature poodle breeds had been used for truffle hunting. They are also trained to recover things fell or lost from the water. Guess, that’s why they are called Poodle (you know, paddle? Puddle?) Poodles are very protective of their domain and a delightful companion.

8. German Shepherd

8-German Shepherd

We commonly see them together with a police office, rescue team and even with a military. German Shepherds are formerly bred as herd dogsbut today they are usually trained to be a finest military, police and a guard dog.This is maybe because they really look tough and mean, but as Poodles can deceive you with their posh look, German Shepherd is definitely one of the most adorable breed of dog you’ll ever meet. They are perfect for a family companion. These dogs are so intelligent that they are able to cooperate with the police and militaries activities. They are very obedient and protective.

7. Golden Retriever

7-Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is commonly mistaken as a Labrador Retriever. They are perhaps the most popular bred of dog, which are ideal for a family. Ever since the olden times these breeds are really a man’s sidekicks, commonly for those who hunt. Golden Retriever can be trained effortlessly to locate and retrieve fowl that has been shot. The dog can bring back undamaged fowl to its owner because of its soft mouth. This breed is usually used as drug sniffing, guide and rescue dogs. They are very calm and patient, which makes them easy to train. Golden Retrievers are very intelligent and enthusiastic.

6. Doberman Pinscher

6-Doberman Pinscher

At the center of our list is Doberman Pinscher, another German breed to complete our Top 10 Intelligent Dogs list. In later years, these dogs were bred for jobs like watchdogs and police dogs. Men wanted a dog that were tough looking and ferocious, enough to scare people away. Yet they also wanted the dogs to be loyal and loving. Doberman Pinscher is exactly this kind of dog, a one-man master. They are very submissive and gentle, though they maybe trained to be fierce. Doberman pinscher is even used as therapy dogs to aide those patients in the hospital. This breed is popular for its speed. Naturally fierce but you can depend on this dog for protection.

5. Shetland Sheepdog

5-Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland sheepdog aka “Lassie lookalike” only smaller, may not be popular but it is one of the smart breeds around. Most owners for this breed states that they are as smart as we are. Shetland Sheepdogs came from Scotland and may seem very fragile. This breed is commonly used for herding sheep. They help chase out pest and unwanted small animals in the gardens. Sheltie usually have two-layered coat and are very pumped up and have superb sense of hearing. They are also called a miniature-working Collie. And who doesn’t know “Lassie”, the rough-coated breed, who both in TV and real life is exceedingly intelligent.

4. Labrador Retriever

4-Labrador Retriever

The most popular of breeds, the Labrador Retriever is also one of the most intelligent dog. Originated from Newfoundland, Canada these stunning breed provide good deals of services. They were trained to hunt waterfowl but as time pass, they were trained to do other jobs. They are commonly used as a drug and bomb-sniffing canine together with the police force, used as rescue dog and dogs that aide blind owners. Dogs with these kinds of job are without a doubt intelligent. Labrador Retriever is a perfect family dog as well as sporting dogs. They are loving, patient and obedient dog that can be trained to work on several jobs.

3. Papillion


Papillion breed is definitely one of the adorable and smartest dogs around. In 17th centuries they are also known as Dwarf Spaniels. Theses small dogs weigh 3lbs to 11lbs. Certainly shows that you don’t have to be big, in able to be smart. Their charm and elegant features captured even the royalties and noblemen’s heart, that they were always their pets of choice, not to mention King Henry II who adores his own Papillion. These cute little dogs are always alert, aggressive andhave good sense of hearing thus making them a very good watchdog.

2. Rottweiler


Descendants of Molossus, mastiff-type dog, Rottweiler is an embodiment of courage, confidence and serenity. They are very intelligent and highly trainable. They have this aura of self-confidence in them and may seem antisocial. Its unapproachable image maybe one of the reason Rottweiler is an ideal family guardian. They can also be trained to take down a human. They’re known for their strong locking jaw and can weigh as much as 110lbs. Rottweiler requires 10-20 minutes walk everyday and will be delighted to have a job. They used to pull charts, drive cattle or other heavy loads to the market.

1. Australian Cattle Dog


Unless you don’t want a dog that play around the whole day, this dog is not for you. Australian Cattle dogs are very active with high-level energy. They need activities and are not advisable to have them in an apartment because they need lots of space to run around. ACD’s needs daily exercise routine or activity for them to get their energy drained from them to keep them out of trouble. They don’t need much of affection as to they are uniquely independent. They’ll make an excellent watchdog.In 1840, by cross breeding native Dingoes, Collies and other herding dogs, Australian George Elliot has developed this breed. ACD’s are very intelligent, active and strong. The fact that they are farm helpers and that they can be train for herding and also sports.