World’s Top 10 Share Markets

World’s Top 10 Share Markets

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The ‘share market’, also sometimes called as the ‘stock market’ or ‘equity market’, is an element of the free market economy which allows individuals and companies with the capacity and capital to be able to have a share of ownership of some public companies. Almost anybody can engage in the share market, and what is nice about it is that it can make small amount of money earn big without having to worry about putting up one’s own business and the hassle of managing it. The individual who engages in the share market earns money when the company wherein he invested at earns money. However, this works vice versa, as when the company he invested at loses money, he will lose money too (Investopedia, 2015). Nevertheless, it is just a matter of managing one’s investments and knowing where to invest. Here are the World’s Top 10 Share Markets:

10. Deutsche Börse


Deutsche Börse is the facilitator of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange which is the largest of the seven stock exchanges in Germany with over eighty-five per cent of share turnover. Deutsche Börse utilizes Xetra®, an electronic trading system considered as one of the best platforms in existence today, which aided them to be able to manage trades across borders. With this advancement, it is now an international trading centre with market participants not only in Germany but also around the globe (Deutsche Börse, n.d.).

9. Australian Securities Exchange

9-Australian Securities Exchange

ASX has been operating for over 150 years, and with this amount of experience in exchange services, it is one of today’s top financial market exchanges with an overall total market capitalization of more or less $1.5 trillion. Its interest rate derivatives market is the biggest in Asia and is one of the largest around the globe with around $47 trillion in total. It is one of the most secure, well capitalized and customer-friendly financial market exchanges of today (Australian Securities Exchange, 2015).

8. BM&F Bovespa

8-BM&F Bovespa

BM&F Bovespa is a company that acts as a middleman that guarantees transparency and security between the traders within its environment. The services that it provides are: spot FX, equities securities trading, fixed-income securities trading, trade in derivatives contracts based, financial securities, indices, rates, commodities and currencies. All of the software it utilizes are all licensed (BM&FBOVESPA, n.d.).

7. Toronto Stock Exchange

7-Toronto Stock Exchange

Toronto Stock Exchange, in partnership with Montreal Exchange since 2007 make up the TMX Group, which is one of the biggest and highest ranking markets worldwide. Since August 2008, it has listed an approximately 4,000 companies under it which made it rank second in the world. It was also successful in raising a total of thirty-five per cent of equity capital for mining
companies around the globe in 2007 (Picardo, 2008).

6. Hong Kong Stock Exchange

6-Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Hong Kong Exchanges, also the owner of London Metal Exchange (LME) in the United Kingdom, facilitates exchanges, securities markets, derivative markets and clearing markets in Hong Kong. It has taken its spot in the global market by merging physical industries and financial community in creating a market that is regulated and has diverse services for both the buyers and the sellers. It is also an equal joint-venture partner of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China Exchanges Services Company (CESC), which allows it to transact across borders and provide better services for its investors (Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, 2013).

5. Shanghai Stock Exchange

5-Shanghai Stock Exchange

Shanghai Stock Exchange endeavors “to create a transparent, open, safe and efficient marketplace” and offers services such as “providing marketplace and facilities for the securities trading;  formulating business rules; accepting and arranging listings; organizing and monitoring securities trading; regulating members and listed companies; managing and disseminating market
information.” It was founded in 1990 and is now the finest stock market in the Mainland China with its number of “listed companies, number of shares listed, total market value, tradable
market value, securities turnover in value, stock turnover in value and the T-bond turnover in value” (Shanghai Stock Exchange, 2010).

4. London Stock Exchange

4-London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange is under an exchange group that facilitates internationally, the London Stock Exchange Group. They have been around since 1801. It “offers international business, and investors, unrivalled access to Europe’s capital markets”. It is also one of the top developers of trading platforms and capital markets software that are of good performance. It is based in the United Kingdom but also has operations in other countries (London Stock Exchange, 2015).

3. Tokyo Stock Exchange

3-Tokyo Stock Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange was founded in 1949. At present it has around 2,300,000 shares and it offers services such as “providing market facilities for securities trading, publicizing market prices and quotations, ensuring fairness of securities trading, and other business regarding operation of the financial instruments exchange market and business incidental thereto”. It is licensed under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan (Japan Exchange Group, Inc., 2015).



Nasdaq has been around for forty years. It was the company that invented electronic trading in 1971. It provides capital-market opportunities for investors with advanced unsurpassed technologies, spirit of competitiveness, quality customer service, global instability, strong leadership, belief in sustainability, efficiency and transparency. It is one of the top stock markets in the world (Nasdaq, Inc., 2015).

1. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

1-New York Stock Exchange

New York Stock Exchange is the top stock exchange market in the world. It provides services to customers all over the world on “interest rates, commodities, indexes and FX, as well as equities and equity options”. It has eleven exchanges, seven clearing houses and over 12, 000 listed contracts and securities (Intercontinental Exchange, Inc., 2015).
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