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Last 2013, many job posts occurred. Many applications settled and many applicants went to different companies to find jobs. These are the sceneries we saw last year. This article will tell you about ten jobs that we can consider as the finest jobs last 2013.

We can consider job as one of the needs of human being. Why? Without job, we have no money to buy foods, clean water, our clothes, appliances, and also, to pay our electric and water bill monthly or if we rent an apartment, to pay house rental. So job is very significant to our life. But the question is what job is appropriate to my skills and also, that is needed wherever I go. Many graduated high school students take courses that are not appropriate to today’s demand. So we make this article to serve as a reference for this year 2014 to know what jobs are needed today and to inform you on what jobs are enjoyable and challenging. Also, for those who are taking college degrees, to give you knowledge on what jobs will you hire easier after taking degrees.

Now you know the reason why we create this article. It is used to give you information. I hope this will help you to make you success.

10. Dental Hygienist

10-Dental Hygienist

The job who got the position of tenth place is dental hygienist. Why? Before we answer why dental hygienist is one of the finest jobs of 2013, take a short description about this. The main responsibility of being a dental hygienist is to take care of our teeth. If we went to a dental office, the one who are cleaning our teeth to make it clean are the dental hygienists. But why being a dental hygienist considered as a fine job? Let’s take a look about the salary of a dental hygienist. An ordinary dental hygienist can earn about $22 an hour in Georgia and $39 an hour in a professional dental hygienist. So if you take a course related to this job, why don’t you find job posts about it and apply?

9. Web Developer


Web developer got the ninth place to our top ten finest jobs of 2013. What does a web developer do and why it became as one of the finest jobs? If you are an internet user, open a website or webpage. Did you notice beautiful colour schemes, amazing web layout and different font styles? Those are the products of our intelligent web developers. According to 2012 statistics, the average salary made by web developers is $62,000 in USA. And still in nowadays, web developer is in demand in different countries. Why? It is because many people became internet users and also, different companies and businesses are creating commercial websites to attract more customers. The thing you need to have is, you are good in design or have a big imagination.

8. Physical Therapist

8-Physical Therapist

The position for the eighth place is got by the physical therapist. Physical therapists are those who care patients with physical problems such as they are paralyze, or have arthritis and fractures for fast recovery. Why we can consider it as one of the finest jobs? The average salary of a physical therapist is about $80,000, depend on their experience and degree of education they got. We can consider it also as one of the enjoyable jobs because you will learn how to interact very well to different person. The thing you need to be qualified as a physical therapist is patience. So if you have this, try it.

7. Software Developer

7-Software Developer

Do you have gadgets such as cellphones and tablets? Do you notice the amazing applications found to our gadgets that are very useful to our life? Those are the works of software developers. Software developers are those who are responsible in creating applications for our gadgets. But it is not an easy task. Why? It is because you need to know different codes to make a useful application. But it is very worthy. Why? Aside of you will create your own application, the salary is also attractable. The average salary of a software developer is about $90,000. So we rank it as a fine job. All you need to do is, you are good in critical analysis and memorization of codes. If you obtain these, come on and apply now.

6. Database Administrator

6-Database Administrator

Database administrator ranks as the sixth finest jobs of 2013. What did a database administrator do? A database administrator is responsible in securing and updating databases. So the reason why data we read sometimes changed because it sometimes updates and add new features and information. How can it be part to our top ten finest jobs in 2013? First, it is because of new information occurred due to advance technology. So we need someone to update data regularly. Also, it is because of the salary of a database administrator. The average salary of a database administrator is about $77,000 per year. You all need to have is you are information-seeker.

5. Physician


For those who want to be a physician, a big score for you. Our fifth placer in top ten finest jobs of 2013 is physician. Physician divided into different fields but in short description, they are those who are practice medicine. Dermatologist, urologist, orthopaedic surgeon are some of the fields of physicians. How we consider it as a fine job? Cardiology, one of the fields of a physician, considered as one of the highest paid physician. Cardiology deals with the heart. The salary get by a cardiologist per year is about $547,000, according to a statistics. So if you are studying course related to this job, you got a right choice.

4. Computer System Analyst

4-Computer System Analyst

Our fourth place in finest job of 2013 goes to computer system analyst. What did a computer system analyst do? Let’s take an example is you Windows you use. How can producers of Windows know that their upgrades to a newer version will love by the computer users? It is because of computer system analyst. They decide if a certain action in upgrading software is good to the business or not. How about the salary of a computer system analyst? The median salary of a computer system analyst is about $80,000. But to be qualified to this job, you need to be good in analysis. If you have this, why don’t you apply?

3. Pharmacist


A big applause to our top three finest jobs of 2013! The third place got by the pharmacist. We always saw them at the pharmacy or drugstore. But what is being a pharmacist? The responsibility of a pharmacist is to know the proper usage of each drug, to dispense and provide medicine. But it is not an easy task. Why? It is because to be familiar about different drugs. But don’t worry. The average salary of a pharmacist is about $116,000. So your effort to familiarize yourself in medicines is very worth. And also, it will enhance your prior knowledge about medication.

2. Registered Nurse


Our salutatorian in our top ten finest jobs in 2013 is registered nurse. We always encounter them at the hospitals, schools or clinics. What did they do? They care patients and also, inform their patient on what disease they have and tell them on what to do to prevent it or cure it. As a registered nurse, you need to be careful about giving information and be specific. Now let’s look the average salary of a registered nurse. The median salary of a nurse is about $65,000. So it is pretty sure that it is worthy. You need to be careful on what you say and specific. This will help you to be a successful man.

1. Dentist


Let’s give an award to our valedictorian in top ten jobs of 2013.What is it? It’s dentist. Dentists are those who are performing dental operation if you have cavity, tooth decay or dental infection. So if you have one of these, it is good to look for a dentist. Why it became as a first place? The median salary of a dentist is about 150,000. If you are afraid in dentist, I think after you finish this portion, someday, you will love dentistry. Of course, if you want to be a dentist, you have no Athetosis disease, or involuntarily trembling of jobs.

Now we finish reading the Top Ten Finest Jobs of 2013. Are you now deciding on what course fits to you but also, in demand in today’s world? I hope it will help you. But remember one thing; if you want more money, you need to be hard-working with a skill. I hope that someday, you will become a successful man in the world.