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Many want things that are new; phone, appliances, software and even common needs. It is why there are lot of things especially gadgets arrive every day. It is important to be updated about the trends around the world. In this article, it will show you the trend in the world of technology, the new iOS 8 of Apple. Here, it will state about the top ten features of iOS 8. But before we discuss it, let us know the short descriptions about iOS 8.

iOS 8, the eighth major released of Apple, announced last June 2, 2014 and will release this incoming autumn. In iOS 8, Apple added new features to improve the functions of Apple’s gadget such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. Also, they make it easier to use for all’s interest and satisfaction.

So for those who are using Apple products, we were that keep you waiting. It is also good for those who keep on deciding the gadget they want to buy. Let’s move on to the ‘Top Ten Features of Apples’s New iOS 8’. We hope it will help to decide about your plan in buying gadgets and for those who want to change their iOS 7 to iOS 8.

10. Health App


Our tenth great feature of Apple’s iOS 8 is the Health App. It is very good for those who are undergoing diet or for healthy conscious. How this app did helps for those types of persons? Using Health App, you can monitor how many calories you burn. Also, you can know your health rate, cholesterol and even your blood sugar. You may know also if you are lacked in sleep by knowing the average hours you slept at night. It is very useful and easy to use. You will not worry about what happens in your heart. By just using your phone, you can now monitor all about your health.

9. Family Sharing

9-Family Sharing

Want to know the latest news about the activities your family members participated? iOS 8 will help for that matter by its feature called Family Sharing. Using this, you can now connect up to six family members. What can Family Sharing do for you? You can share files you purchase from different apps such as AppStore, and iTunes without using Apple ID. You can post photos you want to share to other members of family. Family Sharing allows you to share your location where are you now and set events for your family. This app is very suit for those who want to be organized.

8. Keyboard


Many consumers always look for a phone with an easy-to-use keyboard. This is why Apple upgraded its keyboard to the one that makes the consumer more comfortable in typing. This is now in our eighth slot, the upgraded keyboard for iOS 8. What can it brings for us? If you are so embarrassed in typing long words, you will not feel the same in iOS 8. Its keyboard can predict what you want to say. It is like the keyboard has its own brain. Also, Apple added additional features on its keyboard such as specialized keyboard for spreadsheet. They added different language as its input method.

7. Share location while having conversation


Do you want to know the location of that person while having a conversation with him or her? Stop worrying about that. iOS 8 brings you one of the abilities of Message Apps, the ability to share your location while in conversation. So you can now stop asking your friend, “Where are you now?” You can now locate it accurately using Map Apps. You can decide how long you want to know your location. It’s very easy. It is better to use if you want meet to him or her by using this feature. So try it for you to amaze about the function of this.

6. See attachment/s from a conversation


Another ability of Message apps entered the sixth slot of our countdown, the ability to use attachments from a conversation without scrolling to look up those attachments. It is one of the features that make you like or even love iOS 8. We always feel impatient when we are looking for attachments that someone sent to us. Using this feature, you will not feel impatient because it can give you easy look up. Instead of scrolling up and down to see attachment such as photos, it gathers together to make your search easier. It is why many like iOS 8.

5. Refined Message Apps


One of the great surprises of iOS 8 is the Messaging features. It is almost different to the previous Message apps in older iOS versions. What’s new in here? You can name the group conversion, depends on what topic you’re talking about. Example, if your topic that is in your conversion is all about current news, you can name your conversation such as “News”. Also, when doing group chat, you can select persons who don’t you want to send a group message. Another incredible feature of Messaging is you can now send voice records. In iOS 8, your phone will be full of fun.

4. Photo editing and Video Camera


Want a picture that is very good that is look-like a professional image? In iOS 8, you can do that using its photo editor. In iOS 8, after you take a photo, it will automatically edit your photo and give you options about the where is the best portion of the photo you can crop. You can now apply more photo filters to make your photo more impressive. In terms of its video camera, you can now capture the sequence of the scene using time-lapse video. It is not totally video but images. It looks like a video because it captures many times the scene using camera. So you will be happy more using this feature of iOS 8.

3. Easier photo search


We are now here in our top three of our countdown to one. Let us go out first third best feature of iOS 8. What did you feel if you need to find a specific photo in a large group of photos? Impatient? You will not worry again if you are using iOS 8. In iOS 8, you can find a certain photo easier. You will not browse your gallery to do that. All you need to do is go for the search tab, then, you may type the location of that photo, the date when it is taken or you can input the name of that photo. That’s easy! No need to scroll down and up and consume your time to browse.

2. E-mails


Our second placer of our list of feature honoured to the e-mail apps and how it works in iOS 8. What’s new about this? If you received e-mails, it will recognize automatically about the events, reminders and even phone number that is stated at your received message. Then, there is an option if you want to save it or not. So you will not worry if you forgot to save the things that you needed. It will notify you immediately. It is why iOS 8 is very helpful for organized people. If you don’t want to forget something, use iOS 8.

1. Notification


Our first honour in our top ten features of Apple’s new iOS 8 goes to its notification. In other smartphones, you need to go to other apps after you click the notification. Example, there is someone who sent message. For you to know that whole content of that message, you must go to Message app. In iOS 8, you don’t need to go to other apps. You can now reply from the received message and click snooze in your alarm without closing your current tab or apps. So you can still continue what you are doing even there is a notification. iOS 8 really helps you to do your tasks easier.

Do you impress? That’s how iOS 8 works. For you to know features of iOS 8, try it now!