Top Ten Best Guitar Brands

Top Ten Best Guitar Brands

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Music heals the soul as they say. Those who love singing or music, does it with a lot of passion. Music, all over the world is produced by many instruments. These instruments go with those who play them. If you meet one playing the violin, you will love the music, same to the guitar and the piano. All the musical instruments produce different kind of music.  There are also traditional instruments which produce good music but whatever music that there is depends on a professional who produces it.

10. B.C Rich


In the highly rated top ten best guitar brands, B.C Rich is position 10. B.C. Rich is a manufacturer of guitars and bass guitars which was founded in 1969. B.C. Rich is considered as one of the most stylish electric guitar manufacturer. Lately they are more into manufacturing their guitars in Asia. However, after the Rico family, who were the founder family this brand of guitar is almost losing its charm and popularity. But definitely the B.C. Rich guitars were the better ones among other popular brands of guitar.

9. Yamaha


In the highly rated top ten best guitar brands, Yamaha is position 9. Yamaha is a huge multinational corporation which was established as a piano and reed organ manufacturer in the year 1887. Yamaha is a conglomerate and are into several businesses. But the oldest and the most popular are the musical instruments. Yamaha has grown over the period to become the world’s largest music instrument company which produces almost every possible musical instrument. Yamaha Guitars are also one among its many popular musical instruments. Yamaha guitars had a great demand in the market but recently faced a tough competition from other popular counterparts. However, Yamaha guitars are still one of the most popular guitars in the world.

8. Squire


In the highly rated top ten best guitar brands, Squire is position 8. Squire is a brand of guitars which is a subsidiary brand of the Fender Guitars. Squire was acquired by the Fender group in the year 1965. Before the accusation of the Squire, Fender use to manufacture low priced guitars but after Fender got Squire, it stopped manufacturing the low price guitars. Squire is one of the best brands of guitars and is a high priced brand of Fender.

7. ESP


In the highly rated top ten best guitar brands, ESP is position 7. ESP Guitars are also among the top guitar brands in the world. The company was founded by Hisatake Shibuya in the year 1975 in Tokyo, Japan. The ESP which stands for the Electric Sound Products was just a shop which was run by Shibuya to supply high quality custom replacement parts for guitars. They gained a lot of reputation as a supplier of the best quality replacement parts for musicals. Later in 1976 Shibuya started developing his own guitars and ever since then the ESP guitars are known across the world for its quality and service.

6. Ovation


In the highly rated top ten best guitar brands, Ovation is position 6. Ovation Guitars are the produce of the Ovation Guitar Company which is a holding of the Kaman Music Corporation. Ovation Guitars are popular with the studio musicians rather than the stage performance. The Ovation Guitars are specialized in producing the acoustic guitars and they primarily manufacture various acoustic guitars. The first Ovation Guitar was developed by the founder of the Kaman Music Corporation, Charles Kaman in the year 1966. Ever since then, the Ovation Guitars are the best acoustic guitar manufacturer in the world.

5. Gibson


In the highly rated top ten best guitar brands, Gibson is position 5. Gibson guitars are the produce of the Gibson Guitar Corporation which produces guitars and other musical instruments which sell under a variety of brand names. Gibson Guitar Corporation was founded in the year 1890 by Orville Gibson in USA. It is a mass producer of the Guitars and is the most widely used guitars in the world. Gibson guitars are exported all over the world and are considered as one of the best guitar brands in the world. Gibson Guitars actually are the giant guitar company which also owns other brands of guitars. Some of the popular brands which are owned by Gibson are Baldwin, Epiphone, Kramer, Maestro, Slingerlands etc.

4. Ibanez


In the highly rated top ten best guitar brands, Ibanez is position 4. Ibanez is a Japanese guitar manufacturer which was founded in the year 1957. Ibanez was the first Japanese company to gain a foothold in exporting guitars to United States and Europe. They were the pioneer to produce the seven- strings guitars. Ibanez has produced several guitar models including the Electric Guitar Models, the Signature Models, Bass Guitar Models, and Acoustic Guitar Models etc. The Ibanez guitars are one of the best in the world.

3. Jackson


In the highly rated top ten best guitar brands, Jackson is position 3. Jackson is a renowned guitar manufacturing company. It is named after its founder, Grover Jackson. Jackson Guitars was founded in the year 1980 and has its headquarters in the State of Arizona, United States. Jackson guitars are considered as one of the best guitars in the world. Jackson Guitars are known for its slender and elegant designs. Jackson Guitars are popular for their typical pointed headstock which is similar in design with the “shark fins”. This design is most popular and has inspired many other guitar brands to shape themselves as the Jackson’s.

2. Epiphone


In the highly rated top ten best guitar brands, Epiphone is position 2. The Epiphone Company is a musical instrument company which was founded in the year 1873. Epiphone is specialized in making Guitars and are one of the largest producers of guitars in the world. Epiphone has several ranges to choose from, as they brand them in different groups. Few of the Epiphone ranges of guitars are, Epiphone Sheraton, Epiphone Casino, Epiphone Texan and The Dot etc. Besides guitars Epiphone also manufactured upright basses, banjos and other forms of stringed instruments.

1. Fender


In the highly rated top ten best guitar brands, Fender is position 1. Fender guitars are the most popular and are considered as one of the best brands in the world. Fender guitar is manufactured by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation of Scottsdale, Arizona. They are specialized in making stringed instruments and are best in making the solid body electric bass guitars. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation was incorporated in the year 1946 and is a relatively new company, but with the quality of products they make and the success they achieved, Fender is easily the best guitar manufacturer in the world.