Top 10 Ways of Securing Your Home from Intruders

Top 10 Ways of Securing Your Home from Intruders

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In the present era, technology has given us countless boons to make our life easier and comfortable. But, as we know that every coin has two sides, technology has a bitter face too. More the number of high-tech gadgets and vehicles in one’s family more prone he or she is to burglars. Every day, countless cases of theft, robbery and murders happen in the world. All these are due to several social issues such as poverty, unemployment, personal grudges, etc. As the whole world is dealing with it in a precautionary manner, we all also need to be more proactive to make sure that ours and our family’s life is always safe and secure.

To do that, the first step is to safeguard your own domicile. No matter where you spend your whole day, house is a place where you reach back at the end of the day. So, in your self-protection programme, the supreme step is to make your house a secure place. For that, you can adopt the following 10 ways.

10. Cameras


Camera is the simplest surveillance gadget that you can install in and outside your house. These days, enormous brands of digital cameras are available in the market. Vendors also manufacture CCTV cameras that can be fitted in any domestic or commercial building. When you decide to buy it for your own house, make sure that you buy one or two for the exterior of your house and the garage area too. The back-end computer inspection system of this setup can let you see the recorded/live footage whenever you want. The cameras that are available these days are so small that normal human being cannot detect them easily.

9. Sensors


Sensors are another way to get indication about unwanted entrance of someone unknown in your house. You can use the sensors at your doorbell and the main entrance door to know about every person whosoever rings your doorbell or enters your house in your absence.

8. Signage


Putting warning signs in front of your house can protect you from burglars. If you have kept your house on CCTV surveillance and there is a loud dog in your house, then hang the warning sign in front of your main entrance door. It is important because the houses with warning signs are less prone to thefts as compared to the ones that do not have any warning sign.

7. Monitoring


Regular monitoring of the video footage captured by the camera system is mandatory. Every day, you should devote some time to view the entire footage. This is necessary so that you can detect the warning signs before they transform into destructive mishap.

6. Alarms


Fitting an emergency alarm system in your house is the best way to protect your home from thefts. These alarms work 24×7, no matter the home owners are in the house or somewhere outside. In case you are home, you can tackle with the burglars when the alarm rings and in case you are away from your home, then the loud noise of the alarm can warn the neighbors that something unethical is happening in your domicile.

5. Location


Inspecting the location can always keep you prepared to face the odds. Nowadays, it is important to know that which all people are living in your locality. Even if you do not want to interact much with them, being aware of their existence around you can give you a sigh of relief that you are safe or can warn you to be more alert. In both ways, it is beneficial for you.

4. Lock the Door


Locking the door is very much necessary. It is crucial when nobody is in the house and is very much crucial when you are in the house. Most of the people stay lazy and keep the main entrance door always open in doubt that only their known will dare to enter their house. But, the truth is by far different. When a thief comes with some intention, he or she never bothers about whether he or she knows you. Prevention is better than cure as they say; so keep your house fully protected so that you yourself don’t give any loophole to the wrongdoers to invade in your private place.

3. Police Inspection

3_police inspection

Police inspection is the most ethical way to be secure. In some nations, people inspect all the areas after regular intervals, but you can also call them personally in case you have some doubts in your mind.

2. Neighborhood Watch


Every locality is formed with several people. Some out of them are genuine and some others are born wrongdoers. So, staying informed about the people moving in your neighborhood can be a good step towards taking good care of your family’s safety.

1. Better Locks


Combination of a powerful door and a tough locking system is more than sufficient to keep unwanted people out of your house. Today, several types of locking system are available in the market. And, you can get the one that suits your budget.