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Life is beautiful, but too complicated. Chaos, misunderstanding, unforgiveness, and hatred can cause us too much pain. How can we live a more peaceful and happy life? When your dreams and hopes shattered away in a single glimpse, when you commit sin that is horrible, you want to fix it but there’s no way out. When other people judge you already and you can’t defend yourself.Is there still hope for you to look forward and be hopeful that you can still live a peaceful life? Are you not troubled this past few days? Is your conscience clear and sleep well at night without nasty dreams? Do you have  peace of mind? If your answer is “NO”…then you have to decide this very moment to change your life not on certain areas but your whole being. Don’t let your mistakes from the past drag you to hell and live a meaningless and fearful life. God is greater than any problems and anxiety, just hang on and ask God’s grace to let your fears, and troubles  fade away. Make a decision now to live a more peaceful and happy life. Here’s some steps how to attain a more peaceful life.

10. Peaceful Practice as a Lifestyl


Make a habit every day to practice a peaceful lifestyle. When you have a neighbor that is insensitive and not easy to handle, try to calm down yourself. You have to adjust yourself in your surroundings. For instance if you don’t like your neighbor try to initiate to talk with them and listen their sentiments in life maybe you could help them or maybe you could learn something from them. Avoid misunderstanding with people you love as well as to those people around you, and most of all do not break their trust in you. Be contented on what you have because the more you possess or long for power and other things can drive you into stress and more troubles. Living in peace is about living harmoniously with your own self and all beings around you.

9. Vegetarianism


How can vegetarianism lead us into a more peaceful life? Some says, it help us to live a more peaceful life since when we decide to eat healthy foods such as veggies we take care of ourselves to live a longer lives, a healthier lives and maybe reduce pollution. Scientifically, eating vegetables can prevent us into many diseases and we all know if we are physically fit, we are also mentally fit. Some people believe that if we are physically and mentally fit, then we are also emotionally fit, so we are not going to be easily irritated by other people, we have enough patience. By eating veggies, we practice ourselves to live a simple lifestyle and with this we can save money instead of meat replace it with vegetables.

8. Yoga


Nervousness, anxiety, stress and fears are some instances that we undergo on our day to day living. How can yoga help us to have vanished all of these. According to study, yoga practice can help us calm, and relaxed in daily life. One of yoga posture that can help you achieve peace of mind is ASANAS, the benefit of it is to release negativity and tension from the system. Second is PRANAYAMAS this is a breathing technique that can help free the mind from unnecessary clutter of thoughts that breed anxiety. Third is meditation, this is an excellent technique to relax your distracted mind, regular meditation practice can reduce the level of stress hormone. Fourth, apply the principles of yoga especially the SANTOSHA it teaches the value of contentment. APRIGRAHA can help us overcome greediness or the desire to keep on possessing more, that will result to stress and anxiety. Fifth prayer, this is the most powerful technique for a peaceful life. Have faith and smile it will instill calmness and positivity.

7. Generosity


Be generous to those people who are in need, and can’t do anything. There are people who have the power to change lives of other, maybe you are one of them. Money can’t buy happiness but generosity can give you deep satisfaction and immense joy. Even it is just a penny for you, but for the person whom you’ve help it is very big, you don’t exactly know how you change their lives in that very moment when you help them.  To be generous is one way to attain a more peaceful and happy life.

6. Less Blame for Mistakes


When someone hurt you and you can’t simply forgive them easily that’s normal. We are just human beings, we can’t control our emotions. But,remember this, if you hold grudges in your heart, it will not lead you to live a peaceful life. Try to look on a brighter side, consider the limits of that person, instead of blaming … your heart and mind, try to understand it is not a short process but in the end it will give you peace of mind. We are not perfect, everyone of us can make a mistake, what is important we know how to asked forgiveness and learn to forgive in order for us to be united and live at peace.

5. Conflict Resolution


Not all conflict can be avoided, and not all conflict is bad. Whatever conflict you may undergo, you have to find resolution for you to live a more peaceful life. Maybe a short or long talk about your differences can solve the problem, or both of you could come up with a nice solution to your problems. Most of all forgive and avoid blaming. Communication is the key to come up with the best resolution for conflicts.

4. Death and the Personal Self


Are you afraid of death? Literally we are afraid of death especially if you’re not yet ready,we fear the unknown and what lies beyond. But death of personal self -emphasize your wants in life, not your need. Letting go of the things or persons you use to have is like killing our personal self. It is hard to let go to those things we use to have, but sometimes letting go can make us a better person. And peace will reign in your heart. Keep in mind that everything in this world is temporary and if you settled with this fact you will become relaxed from within.

3. Intention


Our intention is a big factor how to live a more peaceful life. Good intentions always beget good results. Whatever you do in your lives always have a good intention. Be focused, if your intention is to find inner peace for you to live a happy life then, stand for it. Learn to trust and love others. Self-centered person can’t find true happiness.Internal peace, can make us more efficient and more capable of many things. When the mind, heart and body are in balance you’re on your way to live a more peaceful life.

2. Humility


Humble down yourself this is one key to live a more peaceful life. Whatever your possession in life, even if you possess all the richness and fame in this world always put your feet on the ground don’t eaxaltyourself for this is the reason that lead you to more stress and anxiety in  life. You may hurt the feelings of others by exalting yourself. You may become greedy for you don’t want somebody to surpass you. Life is so short everything you possess in this world is temporary and you can’t bring it along with you when you die. Be humble, be a good person for you to be love and gain the respect of other people it will give you peace of mind and peace from within. So, decide to tear up your arrogance and seed humility.

1.    Simplicity


To live a more peaceful life, you should decide what is important. What are those things you need, and who are those persons you want to spend most of the time. We can’t definitely do everything we want in life, you have to examine what is more important. Do not rush yourself try to do things with quality time and it will result quality work. Simplicity means getting rid of clutter so you are left with those things that is more valuable in life. Simplicity is not always a simple process. It’s a journey of few more steps forward and one step backward. Learn to say NO if you don’t have it. Limit your buying habits. Stay within your limits. Share your blessings with others, live simple for you to have a more peaceful life.