Top 10 Songs You’ll Hear 10 Times at EDC

Top 10 Songs You’ll Hear 10 Times at EDC

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Music is a food for our ears, and water for our soul. It energizes you in so many ways. Its effect differs from what type of music you are listening. Even if environment matters a lot on the music being played still the essence of the beat is more important. Still, everyone wants to hear a good music. As generations change the taste of music also change if before in later generation metal rocks are famous today fast party boats are popular. This type of music is more soft to the ears, making people dance. Aside from fast beat music, listeners vary their choice to how the music has been done and presented. So even if its a fast beat or not as long as it has melody and harmony that suit your ear.  If you observe during night outs, it’s the music that’s making the crowd wild. But sometimes some music is only good for a few minutes and later on you need to wait for another good music to pop out.

10. Rebound – Arty & Mat Zo


This type of genre, just make more fun excitement. You know for a fact that music plays an important role in any activities and occasion. And even if you are just sitting around the bench, hearing this music can lift your soul without crying. People tend to be emotional hearing sad love song and other ballad. But this Arty and Mat Zo Rebound music simply lifting you wanting you to do more and be better. Another approach that makes a party different, calmer environment, but full of enjoyment. Hearing parties would mean loud noise, but this music no matter how loud it could be, it will only make you give.

 9. The Code – W&W & Ummet Ozcan


Start dancing and start grooving, even if you don’t know how to really dance.  By just listening to this music you’ll notice your head nodding and your feet wanting to dance. The music started with a slow intro and later on beats changes, It would be like a nonstop change of beat but with harmony and excitement. The change of beat emphasizes changes in level of jamming and dancing. It makes a minute more liars like an hour of fun and enjoyment. You might find some beats that are common to others, but hearing the whole song simply makes it unique.

 8. Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing


The next song is far different with the first two. If Rebound and the code have a fast, insisting beat, Sweet nothing has a soft but wild beast. It is like the music you want to listen even if you are not dancing. This suit during conversations with your friends and even if while dancing on the floor. Sometimes bonding starts with good music accompanied by eating and drinking. Nice beat, nice lyrics and unique combinations. The wave of this music is enough to start your event. It should start soft to establish comfortable environment and later on it slowly change the ambience and energy.

 7. Rasputin – Hard Rock Sofa


The hard rock sofa music is quite exhilarating. Making you wait for what’s next is happening. The combination where unique and you couldn’t even know when would be the last beat. Again, it starts from slow to hard and later on the beat changes to a higher level and another level and another level a continuous change that make the audience to listen to the whole song while enjoying.  It is like waiting for the surprising, rushing adrenaline to your ears, wanting you move and groove. But unlike other hard music the Hard rock sofa provides little breaks in every transition of the beat.

 6. Calvin Harris – I Need Your Love


This music would make a dance number perfect.  The beat accompanies the story, so while dancing you are also telling a story. Or even if you’re just listening to the story, it will also make you dance. The adrenaline of dancing has somewhat let your stress out. This is healthier than doing other things that’s not even legal. “I need your love, I need your time” is just part of this wonderful music. Something stating and expressing the feelings of the story. Making your dancing a real to life experience. Which also makes you connect with the beat, does dancing become natural.

 5. Clarity – Zedd


Dancing is also known as an artistic way of expressing. And sometimes it is not the step that making it hard but finding the right music and at the right event and situation. Presentation matters a lot as well as the message in the music is very vital. You see, songs and music are written communication of the composer towards the listener. And if the music makes you think, dance and cry, then that music serves its purpose. Clarity by seed is one of the most well presented story through beats. The beat changes as the story of the song changes.

 4. Don’t You Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia


This music simply lightens up the mood, it’s making the crowd steady wild. Steady? Because they also move with the story, and they get wild hearing the message. Here, there is like a communication happening between your and the music, it goes slow and mellow and then suddenly as the voice changes the beat changes. Not all fast beat music delivers their message properly, but with this Don’t you worry child song its something that can be expressed not just by the DJ and dancers but everyone who hears this music. A well presented masterpiece and somehow one of the best. It makes the environment and every event to be alive and active.

 3. Knife Party – LRAD

3-Knife Party – LRAD

The next song is pure interchanging beats. Though no one is talking or singing, it somehow tries to tell an untold story. In the first part of the song you wouldn’t find any special beats. You might think it is  regular beat that others has, but as you go through to the clips of the boat you will be amazed. This is one of the finest music you’ve ever heard sometimes slow and instrumental, but in the middle it is just starting to spice up your mood. Interchanging beats is famous, but not all are making it clean, but not this one. From time to time genres and beats are changing very clean.

 2. Get Lucky – Daft Punk

2-Get Lucky

Even if generations change some of the songs just don’t die easy. Get lucky by Daft Punk might not be that new, but good songs marked and though it is nice to listen to it. It’s the message of the song that makes this beats very special. Since it simply tells about getting up all night to be lucky. Which in reality is true, each one of us would want to get up all night to be lucky. The word lucky already means a lot and symbolizes a possible change to your life. The genre of this song might at the 80’ s or 90’s, but it is still famous until now.

 1. Alive – Krewella


This song has a very relaxing introduction, a rhythm that is not mostly found on fast beat music. Aside from the rhythm we emphasize the importance of the message of the music this was the listeners connects with the beat. If your boat is far behind your message, then there wouldn’t be a rhythm and melody only wasted beats. That is why connection of the two must be prioritized. Just like Alive by crawler, beats changes during the story. If you have listened to this song you would know that it sends you a message to move on or change and start over.