Top 10 RPG Games of all time

Top 10 RPG Games of all time

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RPGs (role playing games) are historically known as entertainment games. They have continued to attract attention of many over the years. From the time of the little known Diablo to the creation of magnificent Warcraft for the computers has always kept gamers engaged. And if you have been wondering which of these games make it to top ten, take a look at some of the best and highly regarded around the world.

10. Diablo 2


Diablo 2(also known as Lord of destruction), is probably the best introduction that is combat and highly re-playable. Everything you can ever want in RPG is actually wrapped in this pretty descent graphics. This great game was made 15 years ago by Blizzard and it has over the years established itself as the best hack ’n’ slash.

9. Smallville


Smallville has managed to beat some of the best to make it to my top ten lists. It comes with numerous featured that include the ability to offer very high resolution and its compactness. The game has millions of subscribers all over the world. It is attracting more and more customers around the world and this is making their manufactures, the RPG, to reap maximum profits out of the sale of the Smallville.

8. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
Some few years ago, the world witnessed an amazing invention in the world of games. And this game for sure has found its way into the market owing to its numerous advantages. They include:

-Graphics. Most gamers will prefer great graphics to anything else in RPG gamers. And that is what Elder Scrolls has. In fact it has very realistic looks that makes you feel that you are living in this world.

-Combat and content. This game is designed to take the least space and has the highest quality of content you can ever think of.

7. Chrono Trigger

Wow! Most gamers can agree that this is one of the best RPG games ever created. The game has continued to rock the market despite the fact that it was made many years ago. It never gets old. How can I describe this game in one word? EPIC

This is what two great RPG gamers produced when they partnered .They made such true timeless masterpiece that oozes great quality. In fact, it has unique character with classic story storyline and the flawless battle system.

6. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

By the time the RPG Company was inventing this game, it had a strong message to the rest of the competitors: that this time we mean real business and we are bringing the best. And this was evident when it first landed the market. Made with different features, this RPG game has managed to win the heart of many. It is playable and has a great content. So if you haven’t tried it, am throwing this challenge to you; go for it now.

5. Elder Scrolls 5: Oblivion

Oblivion was invented when there was serious need for an RPG game that could address the issues of great graphics, great engaging content and high character creation. With all this in mind, the inventors wasted no time in quenching the gaming thirst by coming with this high profile game that bleeds great quality complimented with high resolution.

4. Final Fantasy VII

Love it or hate, Final Fantasy 7 is regarded as one of the best. With it, you can easily connect with the characters, experience great game play and get the best story. It is just superb. Starting from great characters to the quality of the games; you can’t miss this. You need to get yourself one.

3. DC Heroes


Taunted as one of the most flexible game that the RPG has ever invented, the DC Heroes has continued to take the market by storm. With its enhanced features that range from compatibility with great quality, most gamers have made this game their better option. Since its inception, the game has attracted a great number of customers and permanent subscribers. Its rank in my top ten lists is no surprise to many. Go for this superb game. Go for it now!

2. Mass Effect 2

This is an amazing creation that saw the RPG hybrid with FPS to give birth to this incredible game. In addition, it has incredibly cast of engaging characters and it is considered as the best endgame the RPG has ever made .Here, you feel that you are playing a movie characterized with epic moments. You need this game if you want to test the replay value that most of the best RPG games have.

1 .World of Warcraft


The World of Warcraft tops my list of top ten. It was released in 2004 and from then it has continued to stun the RPG gaming world. In fact, it has given this ever booming industry a new look.

It is sometimes known as MMORPG-Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It has the best features as far as my list is concerned and the best thing about it that its million subscribers have the choice of choosing between two factions, a variety of races, and several classes. In addition, the guilds (structured groups of peoples that focuses in beating the game bossed) are keeping this game alive. It ranks as the best. So if you want to be the best, join the best game. Join the World of Warcraft today!