Top 10 Rich Homie Quan Songs

Top 10 Rich Homie Quan Songs

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Rich homie quan is a fine artist. He is a rapper who knows exactly what the fans require of him. The composition in his songs is perfect and that is why every song released to the market is a hit. The arrangement of words in the songs is systematic and the target group is definitely won. Every time he is on stage to perform his top the songs, the crowd is always amazed by his many surprises that never stop. He moves the crowd, and every word he says, is followed by his fans. The songs go on head to head on the top charts, every release is always at the top, most downloaded and played on air. The songs are perfectly composed making them hilarious for the listener. He has a large crowd of followers through his amazing songs. The songs have been typical written by top song writers who know what is best for the fans, because it is meant for them.

10.   Type of Way

10-Type of Way

This is the type of way to move girl. I am that way, all other men do not mean anything, they confuse you girl, but they do not know the truth that I love you, that you are the most precious thing in my life. Let them not confuse you with their classic way of life, the fancy cars they may have, but I am your real type of way. Leave all that they are offering because it is not long-lasting, my love is the one which always wins your heart, and I promise to give you what your heart desires so that they will never confuse you girl.

9.  They Don’t Know

They don’t know the type of girl you are, they don’t know the kind of love you always give me, and they don’t know what I usually enjoy when I am with you. The great company you give me is a sign of great love you have towards me, they don’t know all these, the beautiful side of you is what they completely don’t understand, and because it is only me who knows, I prey to God that they will never discover, let me enjoy your positivity girl, and all that you offer unconditionally. Let them remain in darkness, they don’t know.

8.  Need 10

8-Need 10

I need a 10/10 from you girl. The dressing code should be 10/10; the make ups, the smiling, the walk, and all that swag should be perfect. The way you do all your things there is no doubt that you actually give me a 10. I will make sure that you give the best, the love you will give me should 10, because that I what I am looking for. Your rating girl should not disappoint me girl at any time, it should make me praise you in any way. Give your all girl, and I will rate it 10.

7.  I Know ft. Yo Gotti

7-I Know ft

Girl I know that I have wronged you, but I will take this precious time to apologize and I will leave it up to you to make a decision. But, from the bottom of my heart I would wish that you could forgive me girl. A mistake makes one stronger than before, and every tear shed, will be repaid. I will make up for all the mistakes I made, and I know this time our love will be more than what it was before. Take your time girl, to analyze my words and make wise decision; don’t kick me out of your life.

6. Difference between Me & You

6-Difference between Me & You

Girl the difference between you and I lies in nature, and the beauty of the world. But we were born to be a pair, to love and to cherish each other. You will be the princess and I will be your prince, I will treat you with a lot of respect, and you will rule the house like a queen. The queens usually do every thing to impress her king, and that is exactly want I expect from you. You are always a princess with good sense humor, I do not doubt any of your selection, and that is the reason why you are with your lovely king.

5. Get TF Out My Face

5-Get TF Out My Face

Get want you want in life from me. I will buy anything you want, to make you shine like the sun, and because you are so precious to met. Come to my home, and make it yours. Whatever you ask girl; a car, a nice massionette, a travel around the world, a night out with friends, and a hilarious boy, you will get all those from me. Put me to test boy and I will never let you down, not by any circumstance will I ever throw you away. You will get the perfect love from me. More love and care.

4. Cash Money

4-Cash Money

Cash money at hand, I need a girl to spend the money with tonight. If you feel that you are hot, and know to make a man scream out your name in the streets, then I am looking for you. Come with me, let us go to a secret place, let’s enjoy by ourselves. Cash money is not a problem, but I need you girl, use all the money to make yourself beautiful, and I will brag to all men. The beauty of your face and the smiling face makes me spend all the money for you girl, because I don’t mind.

3.  I Heard

3-I Heard

As I was walking down the streets, I managed to hear something. I sought to know what it really meant and I finally knew, that it was a pretty girl somewhere, making men go crazy. All they do is to stand by the streets; waiting may be the angel could pass by. But, I don’t wonna be like them. I will walk through the whole streets of the town, and I will make sure that I get you girl. Grab you in my arms and take you home. You will be my wife and I will be your king. They will wait all their year for I already found you.

2. Choices


There are many choices to make a move with. There are a large crowd of girls, each wanting to make a move with me, who do I have to choose, and who do I have to take home tonight. To spend my life girl, which is the best choice to make? I need a perfect girl, who will be my eye, who will win my heart fully, and who will treat me like a child. I have to make a wise choice, to choose the girl whom my heart loves, and the one who has the heart to love unconditionally. The choice will be the best.

1. I F*ck Wit You Girl

1-I F ck Wit You Girl

Girl you are so sweet, I want you every minute, I want to feel your sweet body day to day. No lies girl I am telling you my heart and that is what I really desire in my life. In by bed I wona be the king of the night and you be the princess of the house. Let’s swim in to the world of love, and enjoy every bit of love. Because you are the one, who makes the hair of my body stand up, I don’t desire any girl; I want your love tonight, and give it to me with all your energy. Come on girl.