Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Actresses

Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Actresses

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Females are blessed with unlimited beauty. Around the globe there are thousands of countries. Residents of all these nations are of different outlook and features. If we talk especially about Chinese women, then it is seen that these ladies are born intelligent, smart, thin and gorgeous. Sharp eye line, glowing skin, smooth hair and average heights of these women can woo any man of this world. A lot of actresses from China have contributed in growth of Hollywood as well. To name a few, following are the top ten most beautiful Chinese actresses.

They have not only made their country proud with their remarkable work in the glamour world, but have also set a lot of benchmarks for Hollywood based actresses. The countdown is as follows –

10. Wenli Jiang


Wenli Jiang is a famous star who has worked in “Farewell My Concubine.” She is not only an actress, but also a Director, Producer and Writer. Tilt date, she has won 8 awards including the Best Actor Award for her unmatched role in “My Bitter Sweet Taiwan.” She received this award in Golden Phoenix Award Ceremony of 2004. At Dubai International Film Festival of 2009, she won the Best Film – Feature award for ‘Lan’ movie that was written, acted and directed by her.

9. Qi Shu


She is the famous face of ‘The Transporter’ series. She has banged 8 awards and 8 nominations including 2 Golden Horse Awards that are the Chinese equivalent to US Oscar Awards. He has a maniac kind of acting style, but her style hasn’t affected career in glam in any way.

8. Li Gong


Li Gong had never ending obsession for music. She wanted to join China’s top music school to pursue her career in music industry, but she her application was refused. Then, she joined Central Drama Academy in hope that she might somehow get a chance to grown in music line. But, destiny had something else planned for her. Soon, she got introduced to film world and with her firm determination and hard work, she banged 20 awards. Some of her best works can be seen in ‘Hannibal Rising’, ‘Raise the Red Lantern’, ‘2046’ and her other movies.

7. Isabella Leong


Isabella is beautiful actress who has shown some of her best works in movies such as ‘Diary’ and ‘The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.’

6. Saifei He


Saifei He holds the sixth position in the list of top 10 world’s most beautiful Chinese actresses. He has done commendable job in ‘Raise the Red Lantern’ and other movies such as ‘Lust, Caution’, ‘Temptress Moon’. Later in 1996, she won Hundred Flowers Award for her supporting role in the movie named ‘Di hou wu gong dui.’

5. Wei Tang


Luck is something that favored Wei Tang in all phases of her life. For her role in the movie ‘Lust, Caution’, she was shortlisted from more than 10,000 promising actresses. In the year 2007, she was also listed in Variety’s List of Top 10 Actors to Watch. After her role in ‘Lust, Caution’, she was blacklisted by Chinese government. The only drawback was that she lost her Ponds advertisement in China.

4. Lucy Liu


Lucy Liu is a trained actor, martial art expert and dancer. She has earned expertise in the martial art named Kali-Eskrima-Silat, which is a perfect match of knife and stick fighting. Lucy is 5’3’’ tall and is a perfect face for both big and small screen cinema. Due to her commendable job, she banged some of the best and most recognized roles in movies opposite world’s hottest men such as Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan and Mel Gibson.

3. Jingchu Zhang


Jingchu Zhang earned popularity due to her role in ‘Rush Hour 3.’ Until now, she has won 3 awards and 7 nominations. During 2005, she was entitled the Best Actress of the Year by Time Magazine.

2. Ziyi Zhang


Second position in the list of top ten most beautiful Chinese actresses is banged by Ziyi Zhang. She is the proud owner of eighteen awards and 17 nominations (including nomination for Golden Globe Award). You can see some of her remarkable works in movies such as ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’, ‘Rush Hour 2’, ‘House of Flying Draggers’. Right now, she is delivering some of her best works and her career seems to be blossoming even more in the coming years.

1. Qu Ying


 She gained popularity by working more in China. Her best works include her TV movie ‘Asian Charlie’s Angels’. As far as the films are concerned, she was blessed enough to get work in movies such as ‘Warriors of Virtue’, ‘Magazine Gap Road’, ‘I’m Seducible’, etc.