Top 10 Jackie Chan Movies

Top 10 Jackie Chan Movies

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Who would not love to watch Jackie Chan movies? They are entertaining not just because of Jackie Chan’s moves but also because of his humor. Jackie Chan is probably one of the most popular stuntman and favorite actor of all time. He surprises us with his fast paced moves. He shows death defying stunts. He pleases us with his humor. His movies are not stressful to watch but are light and entertaining.

His story lines are basically about fighting criminals, cults and evil races. He is either a policeman or a kung fu hero. To capture his enemies, he shows his Kung fu skills in amazing moves. He uses ropes, sword, poles and benches. He has scenes on speeding trains and high buildings. He is a kungfu hero who makes use of his great strength and wisdom in defeating his enemies. He thinks wise and wins against many.

Below is the list of top Jackie Chan movies released in 1980s and 1990s.

10. The Fearless Hyena (1979)


This movie features Jackie Chan as courageous star who does amazing stunts to entertain audience. Here, he is a young brave man who disobeys his grandfather’s instructions not to engage in fights. He disguises himself in order to be fully ready to revenge his relatives’ death against the cruel general. He is trained in a deadly form of fighting called “emotional kung fu” which utilizes emotions as weapons. After the long training, he finally faced the general with his fighting prowess.

9. Wheels on Meals (1984)

9-wheels on meals

This is a story of two cousins rescuing an heiress from a group of criminals. The film started with story of two cousins Thomas (Jackie Chan) and David (Yuen Biao) who run a fast food van business. Then, they visited David’s father in a mental institution where they found out Sylvia, the daughter of his father’s girlfriend. They ask her for a date only to find out that she was a pickpocket. Then, a private investigator found out that she has a sizeable inheritance of which criminals are interested. Action went on when they rescued Sylvia from the kidnappers. They defeated the criminal in a martial art fight.

 8. Winners & Sinners (1983)


Winners & Sinners is a story of Jackie Chan as a class a detective who wants to grab a counterfeiter Chau. The film started with an entertaining tale of five criminals who came out of prison and started a new life. They had a cleaning business. Then in Chau’s house, their customer, they discovered the counterfeits. They crossed path with Chan and they found trouble when the younger sister of one of them had been kidnapped by the criminal. A showcase of Chan’s amazing moves, this movie is one of his best films in the 1980s.

7. Shi di chu ma (1980)


Shi di chu ma is a story of an orphan, Dragon who failed his fellow students in a Lion dance competition and was expelled from his school due to disgrace.During the competition, he realizes that his brother intentionally commit a mistake in order to take part in the competition for a rival school. Dragon wanted to bring his brother back who got engaged in a bad activity by conspiring to free a criminal named Kam. Fighting between Dragon and Kam ensued, with Dragon winning and emerging as hero.

6. Armour of God (1986)


Jackie, a.k.a Asian Hawk, is an adventurer and treasure hunter here who stole mysterious sword from an African tribe. An evil religious cult was interested in the sword so they kidnapped the girlfriend of Jackie’s friend. They brainwashed her so that Jackie’s friend Alan. Alan got the sword and gave it to the cult. Jackie rescued them and with his dynamite, he threatened the cult that he will blow up the cave. With his fast moves, he saved his friends with his hot air balloon. This film is a comedy-action one, featuring Indiana Jones theme.

5. Drunken Master (1978)

5-drunken master

A story of an undisciplines young man who is being taught Kung Fu, Drunken Master is one of the most loved films of Jackie Chan. Chan was nicknamed Naughty Panther because of his stubbornness. He should be learning kung fu. He did not listen to his father’s teaching so he was sent to his strict uncle. He endured so much pain with his uncle’s way of teaching. Then, he found out that such a training helped him in his fight against the assassins of his father.

4. Supercop (1992)


Supercop is another police story movie where Inspector KaKui is sent on a secret mission to China to infiltrate Chaibat’s organization. He started on his mission by posing as petty criminal to win the trust of imprisoned Chaibat’s men. When he was able to get their trust, he went to Chaibat’s hideout. Complications started in Malaysia when KaKui’s girlfriend confronted him and when his girlfriend’s friend knew of the secret. His girlfriend was taken hostage and KaKui was forced to free Chaibat’s wife. The exchange went sour when May was thrown off the helicopter. KaKui chased Chaibat. Chaibat died when his helicopter crashed into the tunnel. With Chaibat’s death, his wife decided to reveal the code to KaKui. A stunt-filled movie, this film features action in the roads, rooftops and skies of Kuala Lumpur ending with a scene in a speeding train.

3. The Legend of Drunken Master (1994)


The Legend of Drunken Master is a movie about a young martial artist who was born to a pacifist father. Here, young Wong Fei Hong is trained in the drunken boxing martial art. When drinks alcohol, he gets amazing strength which allows him to fight many enemies. The story line is about the young man’s battle against Bristish men who want to rob the locals of their artifacts including an imperial jade seal.

2. Project a (1983)


This is a pirate story where Chan played a Coast Guard role where he protects Hong Kong border from many smugglers and pirates.Set in the 1800s in old Hong Kong, Jackie again mixed comic and action. One remarkable stunt showed Chan in a death defying scene where he is falling from the hand of a high tower clock.Another movie directed by Jackie Chan himself, Project A is one where he again perform all his stunts. This film is one of the favorite martial arts movie in 1980s.

1. Police Story (1985)

This is one great film of Jackie Chan as he displayed his death defying stunts in various scenes. Here, he drove a motorcycle through hanging sheets and hang onto a moving bus. He indeed proved to the world that he is one of the best stuntman. Apart from the thrilling stunts, he added humor in his choreography. The story is somewhat usual as it is about a cop chasing a criminal and protecting a witness. Nonetheless, the action which is just in right timing with the camera makes the film of the best.