Top 10 Most Beautiful Brazilian Actresses

Top 10 Most Beautiful Brazilian Actresses

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Brazillian beauty has this unique kind of gorgeousness that they possessed. It might be that amazing feminine height of them, or that gorgeous tanned skin. Or perhaps their lovely cheekbones and tantalizing eyes? Whatever it is, that is something unique characteristics that they have, making them stand out among other women.

This kind of Brazilian beauty can be spotted whether in fashion or film and television industry. They are also known as one of the most sexiest women in the world. They may not been born in Brazila, but well, they have this Brazilian descent that would make them more than beautiful.

If you are familiar with Victoria’s Secret, then you are probably aware that some of the models and angels are Brazilian. Yes, there’s Alessandra Ambrossio, Adriana Lima, Ana Beatriz Balos and Giselle Budchen. See, there’s something in these gorgeous Brazilian ladies that carries genes from their forefathers.

But like what we’ve said, they can also be spotted in television and film industry. There are actresses who can manipulate their audience emotions with the roles that they have for a certain movie or telenovela. That’s why aside from thei physical perfection, they gain more fans with their performance. So here are the top ten most beautiful Brazilian actresses:

10. Letícia Sabatella


To begin with, here’s an actress landing number ten in the top ten most beautiful Brazilian actresses as of 2013 – 2014. It’s none other than Letícia Sabatella! Letícia Sabatella, born on March 8, 1972, was known for her acting in Brazilian entertainment industry. She had been appearing in television since 1991 with shows like Os Homens Querem Paz and O Dono do Mundo. The actress also started appearing in film way back in 1994 when she stepped up as one of the characters in the short film Dente por Dente. Letícia Sabatella also has a spot for filmmaking. In 2008, she launched her first documentary film entitled Hotxuá.

9. Maria Luisa Mendonça


Landing number nine in this chart is the Renascer actress, Maria Luisa Mendonça. Well, she had a breakthrough with Brazilian audiences when she played Buba in the 1993 television series entitled Renascer. Maria Luisa Mendonça had a breakthrough in his acting career when she got in for Recascer. She had first appeared in film way back for Quem Matou Pixote?. However, her acting for the 1998 film Foolish Heart was considered as the most prominent when Maria Luisa Mendonça as nominated for Best Actress at the 1st Grande Prêmio Cinema Brasil and at the Silver Condor Award. From 1993 until now, she would still appear in some television series and movies.

8. Fernanda Paes Leme

8-Fernanda Paes Leme

As for the number eight in top ten most beautiful Brazilian Actresses in 2013-2014 is none other than Fernanda Paes Leme. Well, she must have been so beautiful and great in acting for she gained more than 3 million followers in her twitter account. Being a daughter of narrator and sports commentator Álvaro José, Fernanda Paes Leme began in advertising campaigns when she was just around 3-4 years old. However, she got her first role in the show “Sandy & Junior” where she played the role opf Patty – a spoiled teenager. Aside from TV Series, she also appeared in some films like O Homem Que Desafiou o Diabo and Podecrer!

7. Graziella Schimitt

7-Graziella Schimitt

Owning number seve for this chart is another beautiful Brazilian actress, Graziella Schimitt. She played the lead role of 2013 show called Belmonte. From 1995 to 2000, Graziella Schimitt played the role of Paquita in the telenovela Xuxa Park. She had appeared in many TV shows such as Sandy & Junior, Malhação, Pé na Jaca, Por Toda Minha Vida, A Favorita, Malhação ID, Amor e Revolução and just last year, Belmonte. She also appeared in some films like Teus Olhos Meus and Xuxa Requebra. Aside from that, Graziella Schimitt would also act in theater such as Rapunzel, A Exceção e a Regra, Gotham City and Beijos de Verão.

6. Gabriela Duarte


Number six among the top ten most beautiful Brazilian actress in 2013-2014 is none other than Regina Duarte’s daughter, Gabriela Duarte. With a talented mom, it would be impossible for her to not become like her. Gabriela Duarte first stepped in the industry of film as she appeared in the movie called O Cangaceiro Trapalhão.After that, she started appearing in many television series beginning from 1989 in Colônia Cecília, Top Model, Irmãos Coragem, A Vida Como Ela É, A Vida Como Ela É, Por Amor, Chiquinha Gonzaga and many more, all the way to her latest telenovelas such as Amor à Vida, Junto & Misturado and Amor Veríssimo.

5. Cláudia Abreu


And now we’re down to half of this chart. Can’t get enough for these beautiful Brazilian actresses? Well watch out for more. Landing number five in this chart is none other than Cláudia Abreu. Cláudia Abreu had appeared in various telenovelas like Cheias de Charme, Três Irmãs, Belíssima, Celebridade and Hipertensão. Aside from that, Cláudia also made it to the industry of film in the movies Tieta do Agreste, Four Days in September, Guerra de Canudos, Ed Mort, O Xangô de Baker Street and Os Desafinados. With her acting, she had received Crystal Lens Award for Best Supporting Actress for the 1998 movie Ed Mort, Contigo Award for Best Actress 2004 Celebridade and APCA Trophy Award for Best Television Actress 1993 Anos Rebeldes.

4. Maitê Proença


Well, owning fourth spot in this top ten most beautiful Brazilian actress in 2013-2014 chart is the famous Maitê Proença. Aside from being an actress, Maitê Proença had also published two of her books entitled Uma Vida Inventada as well as Entre ossos e a escrita which contains of her best essays. Aside from that, she had also written plays including As Meninas which won several prizes. Maitê Proença had a breakthrough in telenovela when she had a role in Dona Beija which became her first major success that was being exhibited in more than 50 countries. Aside from that, she also starred in some films, the latest one is Onde Andará Dulce Veiga?

3. Gloria Pires

3-Gloria Pires

Four down, three more to go. There are actually so many beautiful actresses in Brazilian. As for our top three, it’s definitely Gloria Pires who is very known for her Rede Globo telenovelas, At the age of 5, Gloria Pires had already began her acting with the show A Pequena Órfã. This was being followed by many more telenovela series like Selva de Pedra, O Semideus, Duas Vidas, Dancin’ Days and many more which reigns during 1970s, 1980s and 1990. She was also featured in many films such as Primo Basílio, Se Eu Fosse Você 2, É Proibido Fumar, Lula, o filho do Brasil and Reaching for the Moon.

2. Christiane Torloni

2-Christiane Torloni

Getting close to the number one, owning this second spot among the top ten most beautiful Brazilian actresses in Brazil as of 2013-2014 is the star, Christiane Torloni. She may be 57 years old, but she still preserved that kind of beauty only known in Brazil. Christiane Torloni ha debuted on the Brazilian TV Network Rede Globo. She had won various awards like Best Actress for Prêmio Contigo, Troféu APCA,     Personalidade do Ano – Isto É Gente, Melhores do Ano do Domingão do Faustão and Troféu Super Cap de Ouro. Outside of her acting career, Torloni is also in the Amazon Forever Movement (Movimento Amazônia Para Sempre).

1. Joana Balaguer

1-Joana Balaguer

And finally, we’re down to number one. Like what we’ve said, there were so many beautiful actresses in Brazil that could top this chart. But so far, here are the top ten chosen ones. And topping our countdown for this day is none other than the beautiful Joana Balaguer. Joana Neves Balaguer was born on August 12, 1984 in Rio de Janeiro. Back then, Joana Balaguer started her career as a model. She had been part of the modeling industry before she entered acting. In entertainment, Joana Balaguer became so famous in the show Young Hearts in 1995, Lua Vermelha in 2010 and Balacobaco in 2012.