Top 10 James Blake Songs

Top 10 James Blake Songs

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The top 10 James Blake songs are the best from his albums. Written by top song writers in the region, there is no doubt why the songs should not be loved by any music fan. The composition of the songs is always of high, with rich words across each line. The words used to create the songs are always catchy and attractive to any listener, targeting a huge crowd of people the songs always entertain. The top songs always top the chart of the best songs on the billboards. Across the air and television, the songs are the most requested by fans across the glob. When he does a live performance of the songs, he knows how to engage the crowd by using all the logics and energy. His performance always attracts a huge number of fans because of the message put across. The songs are inspiring and suitable for everyone who is his fan.

10. I Only Know (What I Know Now)

10-I Only Know

The song has a perfect introduction and a hilarious chorus. Think of the words making up this song and you will surely appreciate every bit of the song, not minding your moves you can spend a whole hour with the song still ringing in your head.  Never worry of this, the song is typically created to stick in your mind and to enjoy every bit of it. To gain your full satisfaction, it is written just for you to enjoy your confidence wherever you are and in any situation. It has an amazing voice that makes you do a practice of how to sound like him.

9. Limit to Your Love

9-Limit to Your Love

Some people always wonder why the lyrics of this song talks about real life situation. Well James and his team are experienced writers and know the best for every one and that is why this song revolves around real life situation. This song revolves around his real life experience and it also happens to many of his fans out there. It has motivational message and a great voice that comes through. Talking about the production team it is amazing as the songs rhythm is always moving and it just wonna make you stand up and dance to the sweet song.

8. Love What Happened Here

8- Love What Happened Here

The song attracts all lovers across the globe. Love always is what makes life enjoyable; sending this song in to the market is a sign of appreciating love. The song lyrics can be used by all listeners to solve their love worries. James knows how to attract listener to love his songs by the choice of words he used in this song. Making its way into the market many people received it with great positivity. The song was written by great writers who understand the feelings of many fans out there. Its word can make one not to judge love for what it may bring around be it good or bad

7. Enough Thunder

7-Enough Thunder

James never stops entertaining his fans and sending messages through his songs. He again made it by releasing this song into the market and after a few weeks, its results were amazing as the experience from the fans was motivating enough. The song became popular across the border, topping the list and increasing the crowd of followers. Enough thunder inspired many lives, and changed them too. Without any worry, when the song is released into the market he knows that it will definitely hit the billboards because of its lyrics and amazing voice that the song is composed of.

 6 The Wilhelm Scream

6-The Wilhelm Scream

This song is incredibly good; I will give it a 5 star review across all areas. The lyric, the voice, the energy, the beats, and the whole production team in general. It touched the souls of many music lovers, the strangers in the world of music were too attracted by this song. It made its way to the top chats after its immediate release into the market beating all the old and new songs together. The fans globally appreciated this song, evident through the many requests made on television and on radios. The internet market was also amazing as the followers were also many.



Never give a doubt to this song, it is specially written to entertain and to give the listener comfort at his room. With the words systematically written, it gives satisfaction to the music lovers. The rhythm and the voice used are superb and always unique. It promotes the number of listeners and ads to the list of followers around the globe. When you check downloads through the internet it will definitely describe James passion to bring out the best thing to his fans. The song is good enough to attract many followers whenever he does a live performance.

4. Retrograde


This song made a debut to the billboards, with every radio station and television overplaying it. This is actually what it means to produce a song that is hilarious and never fails any ear that might come across it. He made sure that the listener gets full satisfaction, entertainment, and an inspirational message that comes with the song. With over millions of songs across the region the song managed to top the list of the most popular songs on the billboards. The song was received with both arms wide open, ready to give it a hug and the ear. The fans really enjoy this song.

3. Measurements


The lyrics are always great and created by the top writers, because of this he is always on top and ready to entertain his fans whenever he gets a chance to do so. The song is original with exact words to use to make sure that whoever listens to this song, will want more of James. Eager to know the following sentence in the song, the listener is always guaranteed that he/she will listen to what exactly he anticipated to listen, and James usually makes sure that this is what he sends out to his fans without worrying of any fail.

2. Unluck


James employs his best vocals which are definitely sweet to the ear of any listener. Its words are moving, and could probably help you in some situations when stuck. It is an inspirational song for it all talks about life and its ups and downs. The target group always benefits from the song, because it is also like an education it is sending through. James unluck song is amazing as it attract a huge crowd, when he performs this song the popularity is always evident by the crowds emotions towards the song.

1. A Case of You

1-A Case of You

A case of you is the top song among his best. The vocals used are great and always entertaining. It never sneaks for a moment that this is the best written song with the best lyrics which attracts a multitude of his followers. The song writers who did the words for this song did a great thing to James, topping up his sweet voice and energy the song is written for everyone around the globe, it has no limit to audience and listeners and that is why it is the most followed song online. He really knows the way to his fans heart.