Top 10 Gwen Stefani solo songs

Top 10 Gwen Stefani solo songs

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There is no excuse why you should not listen and love to Stefani’s top songs; they are so sweet to the ear and pleasing to the eye as you watch the videos. She employees her angelic voice to suit the rhythm of the songs In order to attract a lot of listeners, and to entertain her fans. The techniques used to create the songs are professional, and that why her songs never misses the charts of top solo songs. With all her solos revolving around love, she never misses a chance to attract the whole community. She is given a bravo as a solo artist, with each and every song released being a hit, topping the list of the most requested songs on air. Through the internet it is also the most downloaded solo songs. She knows how to make her fans appreciate every piece of her work, and give back the same to her fans by consistently releasing the best to the market.

10. Wonderful Life 

10-Wonderful Life                                          

Walking down through the beautiful cities, visiting the most prestigious cite in the world. Travelling the whole world with you is the wonderful life. There is nothing in this world that is beautiful than staying with the love of your life and making every moment a memory, side by side we walk through the beaches, take you to the slums, to the streets helping the disadvantaged and all the is a blessing. I will take you around the world for you are my prestige and the wonderful life is ours. It is always got by doing positive things to the community.

9 .Crash


I crashed down girl when I heard that you moved on with your life without me, I even crashed further when I heard that you have another man in your life. Why did you do this to me girl. Don’t let me crash down completely, come to my rescue, help me girl like always. He loves you girl, but I love you more than he does. Do not throw your past for it is gold, I am for you and you are mine. Come back girl, no true love with him, he only wants to see me crashed down and that is his happiness.

8 Luxurious


And you know the luxurious places in the world, you know what good things they offer, you know what comes out of them, and u know what you will gain. You will have more prestige, and all the happiness is gained when you have a luxurious life. Live inside my house and all this is yours. All beautiful girls deserve this, and you are one of then lady, so do not worry walk by my side and I will walk by your side and all the luxuries is a guarantee fro m me, coz you deserve it. No woman ever made me feel the way I do for you.

7. in the Morning

7-in the Morning

In the morning, I wonna wake up early, say a word of prayer, make a delicious breakfast. Ready to meet the world, brush my teeth, make up my room and have a look at the mirror. My face shines ready to welcome the morning with full energy, and to make the positive life move on. Moving on to the streets I see little children playing with their toys, I join them, to light up my day. Move on to th e real side of life and all my work is blessed and all because of the morning. Starting the day with beautiful morning is always good.

6 Wind It Up

6-Wind It Up

Wind up your body girl, move to the centre, show them how the dance is done, and I will give you your credit. Move that beautiful body to the floor, twist that waist, like it has got no bones. Your style is killing the crowd, do not stop girl wind it up, move girl, twist it girl. You are so amazing and that is why you are my number one dancer, tell me who taught you the dance and I will give my thank for glorious work. Wind it up the thing you inherited from your mother. I’ll make you shake the thing so wind it up.

5. Rich Girl

5-Rich Girl

Hey you rich girl, I know you got all the money in banks, but I wonna hook up with you. Don’t brag of your money for it is not love. Leave all that you have, come let me show you mine, my urban life riches. We will take a walk around the city, leave your car and let’s take the public service ones. I know it is hard, but this is how you will enjoy what life really has. But you still claim that you are a rich girl, you refuse to come along with, and you say that I don’t fit you but that is not right girl.

4. Cool


Cool is the night we are into, perfect are the stars which give us light, and glorious is the moon that always shines at night. They all know that we have to be cool and enjoy our precious time when no one is bringing any type of disturbance. Let’s be cool and have the best of what love gave us. Let’s enjoy every moment that we have together for, not every as the chance to experience all the glory that comes from the beauty of the world. Come along girl let’s praise the cool night and celebrate for they gave us this wonderful cool time.

  3. The Sweet Escape

3-The Sweet Escape

Walking through the darkness, no one by my side, only the bright stars in the sky that is giving me company. I escaped through the night so that no one could know where am going to. Am making sweet moments through the escape to try to image you and I in this darkness alone, only the stars is what we want to see, they make the kind of life we want to live, my sweet escape led me through the night to this amazing place, to where the love of my life is found and thank be to God for I finally found you girl.

2. Hollaback Girl

2-Hollaback Girl

A ring ring on the phone babe you aint picking your phone, what could be the matter, has she already made up her mind that she don’t want to see me again? Has she found another love, who makes her crazy? Is he anything more than me? Hollaback girl, so that I can know what’s up. The silence is killing me to the brim, open up your heart lady, because am always here to listen to you, and I will give you what you deserve, I will give you your best. You always had complains honey and I always hear you out, so what went wrong this time that you do not want to hear me out. You don’t want to listen to my cry come to my rescue.

1. What You Waiting For? 

1-What You Waiting For

Honey what you are waiting for, come along with, stay with me forever, let’s make this love a reality, a sweet song to sing every moment, and a let it be a sweet life to keep on praising it. Let’s take a step towards the prosperity of love, for there is nothing in this world that could conquer love. Take as step honey, let’s enjoy the fruits of everything that loves bring around and we will stay happy together for ever. There is nothing in this world for us, it is only love, don’t waste time for no one knows what tomorrow might bring around