Top 10 Guests Stars on ‘How I Met Your Mother

Top 10 Guests Stars on ‘How I Met Your Mother

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How I Met Your Mother is an American Comedy Show that was first premiered on September 19, 2005. From them till now, this wonderful show has gained a lot of popularity. Humorous scenes and wonderful storyline makes it one of the top favorite TV shows of the viewers worldwide. Its story is based on the main character named Ted Mosby and his group of wonderful friends. They all live in Manhattan. The story is based on a futuristic approach, in which Ted is in the year 2030. Then, he narrates his story to his kids (a son and a daughter) about how he met their mother.

Wonderful story and casting has made this show win a series of awards. In the current year, i.e. 2013, When I Met Your Mother is telecasting its ninth and the last season. During its entire timeframe, a lot of celebrity guests appeared on the show to raise its popularity even more. Top 10 celebrity guests out of all those, are as under:

10. Judy Greer, as ‘Royce’


Judy Greer played the role of Ted’s first date. The name of her character is Royce. Ted first met Royce when he saw ‘The Wedding Bride.’

9. Britney Spears, as ‘Abby’


A lot of magazines published that Britney planned her comeback into limelight through his serial. Nobody is aware of this fact, but what we all know is that Britney did a fantastic job in ‘When I Met Your Mother.’ The name of her character was ‘Abby.’ She played the role of a receptionist who feels for Ted, but ends up falling into the arms of Barney, who is a true womanizer. In another episode, she plays a mysterious character that warns girls about Barney’s behavior.

8. Bryan Cranston, as ‘Hammond Druthers’


Bryan played the role of Ted’s boss in an Architecture firm. The name of his character is Hammond Druthers. In this show, he initially is the boss of Ted and due to Ted’s smart work, he gets promoted and Druthers become his junior. His role in the series was quite short, but was much appreciated by the audience.

7. Joe Manganiello, as ‘Brad’


Joe Manganiello played the role of Marshall’s old friend from the Law School. Joe’s character’s name is Brad Morris. Later in the show, Brad and Marshall become best buddies after being ditched by their girlfriends.

6. Jennifer Lopez, as ‘Anita’


Jennifer Lopez played the role of Anita Appleby, who is a man-eater cum dating guru hired by Robin to woo Barney Stinson.

5. Sarah Chalke, as ‘Stella’


Sarah Chalke played the role of Ted’s dermatologist. The name of her character is Stella Zinman. Stella removes Ted’s butterfly tattoo in the show. Later, Ted starts falling for her and asks her to go out on a dinner with her. Initially she refuses, but later on she agrees to spend time with Ted. Stella is the single mother of a girl child. Soon they start dating, Ted proposes her and to know the response, you need to check out the episode itself.

4. Rachel Bilson, as ‘Cindy’


Rachel Bilson plays the role of a jealous graduate student in the school where Ted teaches. The name of Rachel’s character is Cindy. Cindy expresses her jealousy with her roommate, who later on becomes ‘The Mother’ in the story.

3. Sarah Wright, as ‘Claire


Sarah Wright’s character name in When I Met Your Mother was Claire, who was the Scuba Diver from the ‘The Playbook.’

2. Katy Perry, as ‘Honey’


Katy Perry plays the role of a mystery woman, whose story is narrated time and again in a flashback mode. Every time, Ted keeps forgetting her name. And, later on ends up naming her ‘Honey’ because of her repeated phrase ‘Oh Honey’ that she keeps on repeating while narrating her story to Ted.

1. Nicole Scherzinger, as ‘Jessica Glitter’


Number one position in the list of top 10 celebrity guests in ‘When I Met Your Mother’ is held by Nicole Scherzinger. She plays the role of an old friend of Robin. In the show, she hails from Canada and the name of her character is Jessica Glitter. Nicole just appeared in one episode and collected so many praises that she became the top liked celebrity guest on the sets of WIMYM.